Imatest Renewal Support (2018)

October 18, 2018
December 16, 2019

What is Support?

Maintaining current support on your Imatest license gives you access to two things:

  1. All updates and new versions released for the software during the support period.
  2. Access to our imaging science engineers for questions and assistance with the software and with your projects.

Why Utilize Our Support?

There are several reasons why our customers find value in having support:

  • Stay current with standard and industry requirements—Our engineers are continually adding and improving features based on advancements in standards and KPI measurements, such as ISO imaging standard groups, IEEE P2020, and IEEE CPIQ.
  • Utilize the latest capabilities—We release over 40 software updates each year that enhance usability, add tests, and fix bugs. Our updates include customer-requested features, chart feature measurements, improved calculations, new modules, and updated metrics.
  • Leverage our engineers’ diverse knowledge of imaging science to solve your challenges—Contact our knowledgeable Imaging Science Engineers to help solve any challenge you are facing with your project and analyses.

To obtain the latest version of Imatest (for updates, new installations, and trials as well as full versions), go to Imatest DownloadImatest license holders are entitled to free updates for one year from date of purchase. If your license is not current, download and install the version that was current one year after the purchase date.

Updates Applicable to a Variety of Industries

Most of our 50 new features are applicable to several industries.

industries supported

Recently Added Features (2017-2018)

Highlights from our latest release, Version 5.1 (release date July 27, 2018):
  • MTF CompensationCompensate for chart MTF to perform accurate high-resolution or close-distance sharpness tests. MTF Compensation reduces the impact of the chart on measured imaging system MTF. 
  • Geometric CalibrationGeometrically calibrate single or multi-camera devices obtaining camera intrinsic and extrinsic matrices for accurate machine vision and ADAS applications. A geometrically calibrated device provides a mapping between pixel coordinates and real-world position.
  • Improved Distortion CalculationsImatest Checkerboard and SFRplus modules now support an enhanced set of distortion models and provide faster and more accurate distortion coefficient and center of distortion estimations.
  • Direct Image Acquisition for Sony SensorsThis new feature allows Imatest to acquire images directly from Sony AYA. This eliminates the need to save images to file and load them individually into Imatest for analysis, saving customers valuable time.
Highlights from Version 5.0: (release date September 2017):
  • Database—Collect important information regarding image capture conditions, device state, and EXIF metadata into Imatest’s new database system. Easily keep track of numerous testing sessions in a convenient web application.
  • Test Manager—Process a collection of images with automated analysis routines. Use either free-form test plans to assign relevant test categories to each imported file or use predefined test plans to run standard testing procedures such as CPIQ analysis.
  • Reports—Efficiently analyze data outputs for preferred metrics. Generate reports in interactive HTML and printable PDF formats.
  • Arbitrary Charts—Define your own chart layout to combine image quality factors for analysis on one chart. Significantly reduce the number of images needed to complete the testing process.
  • Contrast Resolution—Measure and visualize the distinguishability of low contrast objects within larger fields, over a wide range of brightness.
  • ISO 18844 Flare—Automatically analyze flare based on the new ISO 18844 standard within the Uniformity module.
  • Image AcquisitionImatest 5.0 provides a direct interface with several camera capture boards for automatic image acquisition in Imatest Master.

See our ChangeLog for a complete list of new features and updates.

Renew Your Support

We make improvements to our software almost every day. Take advantage of them and leverage our expertise to complete your projects.


You may also submit a PO to sales@imatest.comOr if you would like to talk to one of us before purchasing, please email us at

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