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Definitions and Theory

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Supported Systems

Supported Targets

Required Evidence

Test Setup

Calibration Procedure

Use in Imatest Master

Use in Imatest IT

Module settings

Module outputs

Defining a Device

Defining Distortion

Defining the System of Devices

Defining the Target

Defining a Test Capture

Defining a Test Image

Homogenous Coordinates

Projective Camera Model

Multi-Camera Systems

Distortion Models

Coordinate Systems

Rotations and Translations


Geometric Calibration in Imatest is based on the Projective Camera Model. The model is made up of the intrinsics and extrinsics with the addition of accounting for the optical distortions that may cause a real system to deviate from this model. Multiple Camera Systems may be calibrated with the camera positions and orientations described by rotation translation matrices. The projective camera model makes use of Homogeneous Coordinates.

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