Fundamentals of Image Quality Testing

No matter what industry you're in, image quality testing serves as a critical process in the development of camera systems. Throughout the R&D and manufacturing process, there is a host of image quality factors and measurements that must be met to ensure your imaging system complies with quality standards.

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For many engineers tasked with designing camera systems for a product, image quality testing is a complicated endeavour given the variety of test charts and measurements available. 

Understanding which image quality factors to measure in your product and how to interpret results will ensure your product is equipped with quality imaging systems. 

Watch Fundamentals of Image Quality Testing, presented by Imatest's Director of Engineering, Henry Koren. 

During this webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • An overview of image quality factors
  • How to verify image processing pipeline
  • Insight into industry imaging trends
  • Highlight popular test chart options
  • The basics of setting up a test lab

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Digital Image quality testing

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