Faster production line testing using fewer resources.


Optimize product quality and yield.


 Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Capitalize on 2 to 3 times more throughput per computer, per license.
  • Automatically monitor tests without operator interaction.
  • Automate tests by integrating key Master or IS setup files into manufacturing test equipment.
  • Safely balance fast manufacturing and product quality by automating a process that has been done in the past by human quality control.
  • Receive independent and unbiased testing results that comply with industry standards.
  • Remove the need for correlation of supplier test results by using the same Imatest algorithm and charts throughout all departments.



Selected Features:

  • Improved Speed: Specifically designed for parallel processing, providing 2 to 3 times more testing throughput per machine.


  • Pass/Fail Spec: Define the required quality levels for a camera.
  • .NET interface for .NET Framework 4.0 and higher, including C# example code.
  • Python interface for Python 2.7
  • Minimize necessary test images: Maximize efficiency by completing camera QA tests with SFRplus, light even field and dark even field.


 Use Cases for IT-P:

  • Calibration of autofocus VCM (Voice Coil Motor) mechanisms.
  • Real-time focusing of camera modules to determine optimal focus before deposition of adhesive.
  • High volume testing machines with the ability to produce images at a high rate of speeds.
  • Testing multiple modules with one testing machine.

Single License:  $6,000.00


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