Optimize your image quality testing lab with a test stand that best fits your needs. Options include manual mounting, utilizing a modular system, quickly switching between charts with robotic automation, or testing with non-planar targets at pre-defined locations.


Panel consists of a steel surface with neutral gray (N5) baked enamel matte finish, to which charts can be easily mounted using magnets.

The Automatic Test Chart System uses robotics for the automatic placement of test charts into the imaging plane, offering quick interchangeability between many charts at the touch of a button.

Obtain eSFR ISO and SFRreg measurements for wide field of view cameras with predefined positions and testing distance. Extruded Aluminum Frame with tools and instructions included, Artograph LightPads included.


122×190.5cm (48×75”) base panel attached to a rolling stand frame.

Base system includes 8 steel panels, 122×152.4cm (48×60″)

Overall fixture size: 226x156x125cm (89×61.5×49.2”)

Center Target: 43.2x61cm (17×24”)

SFRreg targets: 15.2×22.9cm (6×9”)