Imatest Pilot Program

Imatest Pilot Program

Thank you for participating in the Imatest Pilot Program.  The 5.2 release is now available:

Welcome to the Imatest Pilot Program! See below for details on the current release, download links, known issues, and other information. If you are not currently participating in the Imatest Pilot Program, you can join here.

Pilot Program Instructions

To access Imatest Pilot, your license must be in support. You can check the support status of your license by going to the Customer Portal and checking the My License tab. If you are not currently in support, you may request a trial license to use with the Pilot Program by contacting us at Please note that in most cases you will not be able to request more than one trial.

We recommend you back up your default INI folder before installing the beta release. The location of the INI folder is dependent on your operating system, and you can easily find it from within the Imatest software by going to File > Open INI file folder, or in the following locations:

Windows: %APPDATA%\Imatest\

Linux: home/USERSNAME/.imatest/

OSX: /Users/USERSNAME/Library/Application Support/Imatest  


Issues, Feature Requests, etc…

If you come across a bug while using the Pilot, please use the in-software bug reporter for crashes or contact with details about what you’ve found. If you see something that could be improved or you think is missing an important feature, please let us know at

One of the most important aspects of the Pilot Program is to make sure that any changes we are planning on making do not negatively affect your work. Please let us know if you find anything that interferes with your process or if there is anything we could do to make our software easier for you.

License Activation

For help activating your license, see our activation documentation. Additional minor features, as well as a comprehensive list of bug fixes, can be found in our Change Log.



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Version: 5.2.5
Release Date: 11/8/2019
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System Requirements

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The Imatest License

The Imatest license agreement can be found here. Please contact us if you have questions.