Speeding Up Imatest IT with INI File Settings

December 17, 2013
March 27, 2017

This article focuses on how to improve the performance of Imatest IT  testing using configuration settings.

Limiting the number of regions used to test, limiting the size of the regions

API Section Settings

Disable messages and figures


nomsg = 1

disable_figs = 1


Settings for SFR & SFRplus

Enable the “speedup” setting, this disables noise & histogram calculations which are probably not necessary for manufacturing tests.  Will achieve about a 6% speed increase.

 speedup = 1

Enable Luminance channel only calculation.  This skips the MTF calculations for the RGB channels

RGBY_value = 8

Disable Edge roughness calculations

edgerough = Min

Turn off outputs you don’t need, keep JSON outputs which are the most useful

saveCSV = 0
saveXML = 0
saveJSON = 1

Beyond INI file settings these are additional ways of speeding up:

  • Run multiple tests in parallel using Imatest IT Parallel
  • decrease the number of selected SFR regions to a minimum
  • disable other calculation settings that are not necessary
  • Use the DLL version of Imatest IT instead of the EXE
  • Use direct passing of image data in an array instead of a file on disk
  • Throw hardware at the problem.  Imatest loves to have lots of CPU cores to calculate its Fourier transforms, our 6-core LGA-2011 i7 processors are screaming fast.  The more cores the merrier, clock speed is also your friend.