Error Message: “Input must be a row vector of characters.”

March 16, 2017
March 16, 2017

Error Message: Input must be a row vector of characters.

Solution: This can happen when you pass a directory path into Imatest IT EXE with a trailing slash, and can be fixed by removing the slash:

May cause errors:

sfr.exe "-1" "C:\ImatestSamples\sfr_example.jpg" "C:\Program Files\Imatest\v4.5\IT\bin\" "C:\ImatestSamples\imatest-v2.ini" "C:\ImatestSamples\Results\"


sfr.exe "-1" "C:\ImatestSamples\sfr_example.jpg" "C:\Program Files\Imatest\v4.5\IT\bin" "C:\ImatestSamples\imatest-v2.ini" "C:\ImatestSamples\Results"

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