Python Idle Error: Error writing to output stream.

March 13, 2017
March 13, 2017

Error Message: Error writing to output stream. (when using Idle Python GUI)

Solution: Imatest IT writes output to your computer’s standard output. This error occurs when Idle is launched as a standalone GUI app without a connected terminal (i.e., launching from the Start Menu in Windows, or using the “idle &” command in Linux).

To fix this error, you need to launch Idle from the command line.

Windows:   cd “C:\Program Files\Imatest\v4.5\IT\samples\python\”
Linux:   cd /usr/local/Imatest/v4.5/IT/samples/python/colorcheck

Once Idle is opened with the example script, you should now be able to run the module (F5).

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