Which Imatest Charts Support Automatic Detection?

August 21, 2019
December 27, 2022

Using testing charts (also known as targets) improves the efficiency and repeatability of your testing workflow. Imatest offers several charts that support automatic detection as well as charts with registration marks.

Imatest Charts Supporting Auto-Detection

  • SFRplus – Using this target requires the bars on top and bottom of the chart to be present in the image.
  • 24-patch X-Rite Colorchecker – This chart works best without extreme distortion.
  • Checkerboard – Imatest can detect the intersection points of a checkerboard target, with high tolerance to blurring (which is a user-tunable setting)
  • Rezchecker – Imatest can detect the version of this chart with four dots.
  • Dot pattern – This chart is used for testing chromatic aberration and SMIA TV Distortion.

Imatest Charts with Registration Marks

Note: Imatest does not perform autodetection for the Obsolete ISO 12233:2000 chart because it can easily produce invalid results. 

If you have a target you would like to be automatically detected, please contact support@imatest.com.

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