Automated camera validation software and hardware



Sofica was founded in 2009 in Finland by a group of camera algorithm validation and test automation experts. Sofica is revolutionizing mobile camera testing through robot-aided test automation systems.  


Why Sofica Solutions? 

  • Automated & Reusable Test System
  • Optimize your development process with objective and consistent testing
  • Detect device problems quickly and accurately with easy-to-run tests and precise reports
  • Faster time to market and consistent product quality
  • Integrates with Imatest image quality testing software
  • Test for a wide variety of image quality factors

Testing Capabilities:

  • API testing – compatibility and API robustness
  • Functional testing – automated measurements
  • Performance testing – bottlenecks and benchmarking
  • Stress testing – system strength
  • Quality testing 


Test Machine: 

Image Quality Laboratory Automation and Robotics 

  • Fully automated R&D testing for cameras
  • 6-axis robotic arm
  • Testing track for multiple test targets