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Imatest Support Renewal – 2019

Maintaining support for an Imatest license ensures uninterrupted access to updates (new releases and fixes) and a high level of technical support that can help solve your imaging challenges. 

At Imatest, we add and improve features based on advancements in standards and KPI measurements, such as ISO imaging standard groups, IEEE P2020, and IEEE CPIQ. And each year we release over 40 software updates that enhance usability, add tests, and fix bugs (see Change Log). Our updates also include customer-requested features, chart feature measurements, improved calculations, new modules, and updated metrics.

Features Added in 2019

Highlights from our latest release, Version 5.2 (released September 12, 2019):
  • ON Semiconductor DevwareX—support for this advanced image sensor interface software, which replaces Devware. Support for the APbase image acquisition API.
  • Decompanding—for the proper processing of piecewise linear (PWL) companded RAW files, which can extend sensor dynamic range by allowing different tonal curves for ranges of digital output values.
  • Contrast Detection Probability (CDP)—from Contrast Resolution chart using low-contrast path triplets to calculate the draft IEEE P2020 metric. CDP is a metric for the distinguishability from two input light levels through an imaging system.
  • Improved Color/Tone Module Interfaces—Chart selection is clearer and more robust. 
         Color/Tone Setup is the new name for Multicharts (interactive).
         Color/Tone Auto is the new name for Multitest (fixed).
  • Hyperbolic Wedge and Siemens Star—analyses are now supported in Arbitrary Charts.
  • Dynamic Range (DR) Output Resistance to Flare Light—We can now detect conditions where flare light causes exaggerated DR measurements and can remedy the misleading measurements by limiting the quality-based DR to the slope based DR, which is defined by the scene density where the patch pixel-level stops decreasing.
  • INI File Monitor—produces detailed reference information about the effects of settings changes on the Imatest INI file.
  • Checkerboard Unormity Calculations—produce summaries of nonuniform illumination similar to those produced by SFRplus.
  • Image Statistics Mesh Plot—produces a 3D view of spatial pixel-level information.

See Change Log for a complete list of new Imatest features and updates.

To obtain the latest version of Imatest (for updates, new installations, trials, and full versions), go to Imatest DownloadImatest license holders are entitled to free updates for one year from date of purchase. If your license is not current, download and install the version that was current one year after the purchase date.

Renew Your Imatest Support

We make improvements to our software almost every day. Take advantage of them and leverage our expertise to complete your projects.


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