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Imatest 2020.2 Release Notes

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Major Features

Improvement in calculation speed — Enhanced real-time acquisition and analysis speed. Up to 6x increase in the speed of slanted-edge SFR calculations, especially when acquiring directly from supported cameras. Significant improvement in speed of other types of analysis. Speedup depends on camera resolution.

Uniformity statistics based on EMVA 1288 — Calculates Spatial and Temporal noise, Dark Signal Nonuniformity (DSNU), Photoresponse Nonuniformity (PRNU) and total SNR. Vertical and horizontal spectrograms and profiles show statistical distributions of the image. More details

Uniformity measurements from ISO 17957:2015 Generates shading measurements for luminance nonuniformity. More details

Imatest IT for Mac OS — Brings the functionality of Imatest IT to Mac OS users. Includes Objective-C , Python, and EXE interfaces.

Tunable Checkerboard Detection — A new interface allows users to set tuning parameters for detection of Checkerboard targets. Checkerboard detection can now achieve detection over the whole field of view, where previous versions only found a rectangular subset of target points. More details

Minor Features

Illumination Nonuniformity from Slanted Edge Modules — Calculates mean levels for slanted-edge ROI, which shows non-uniformity due to lens shading and nonuniform illumination.  Works with all slanted edge modules.

Lighting Control 2-channel 16-bit DMX Control for Kino Flo Lights — Provides increased precision for fine tuning light levels on supported 16-bit lights. More details.

Rescharts Display Improvements — Additional contour lines to 2D and multi-ROI summary and expanded viewing area for 3D plots. More details.

Additional Help — A new help interface explains menus and sections of the main window.

Uniformity – Display of temporal noise image