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Imatest 2020.2 Release Notes

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Major Features

Uniformity statistics based on EMVA 1288 — Generates Spatial Standard Deviation, Dark Signal Nonuniformity (DSNU), Photoresponse Nonuniformity (PRNU) and total SNR. Vertical/horizontal spectrograms and profiles show the statistical distributions for light and dark field measurements. More details

Uniformity measurements from ISO 17957:2015 Generates shading measurements for luminance nonuniformity. More details

Imatest IT for Mac OS — Brings the functionality of Imatest IT to Mac OS users. Includes Objective-C , Python, and EXE interfaces.

Tunable Checkerboard Detection — A new interface allows users to set tuning parameters for detection of Checkerboard targets. Checkerboard detection can now achieve detection over the whole field of view, where previous versions only found a rectangular subset of target points. More details

Improved Edge-SFR calculation speed — ~20% increase in the speed of slanted-edge SFR calculation

Minor Features

Illumination Nonuniformity from Slanted Edge Modules — Calculates mean levels for slanted-edge ROI, which shows non-uniformity due to lens shading and nonuniform illumination.  Works with all slanted edge modules.

Lighting Control 2-channel 16-bit DMX Control for Kino Flo Lights — Provides increased precision for fine tuning light levels on supported 16-bit lights. More details.

Rescharts Display Improvements — Additional contour lines to 2D and multi-ROI summary and expanded viewing area for 3D plots. More details.

Additional Help — A new help interface explains menus and sections of the main window.

Additional derivative display to Image Statistics cross section plot