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Imatest 2021.2 — Release Notes

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New Features:

  • New Main Window interface including Dark Mode
  • Random/spilled coins texture calculation option and calculation for regions that are smaller than ideal
  • Distortion Contour plots for Checkerboard Output
  • Color/Tone Detection of DarkWorld mask for contrast resolution target
  • Color/Tone option for MATLAB Colorchecker detection routine 
  • New SFRplus pass/fail for gamma and ISO 15739 Dynamic Range
  • Image Statistics 1 Dimensional  FFT plot

New Data Output Fields

  • L*U*V* Value in JSON summary data when using Color/Tone Module
  • Dot pattern centers for red and blue channels in outputs
  • Add ROI spatial coordinates to the JSON output of Color/Tone Modules
  • User-entered/custom CPIQ viewing conditions with corresponding acutance and Quality Loss results.

Deprecated Features

  • Deprecate dcraw – ( functionality is replaced by LibRaw)
  • Removal of “AGC 16 bit MTF file” setting, replaced by “Lighten 16+ bit image display” and “Bayer RAW bit shift” (allows more flexible bit shift settings)

Last update 2021-11-17