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Imatest 23.1 — Release Notes

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  • New slanted-edge-based measurements including Information Capacity, SNRi, Noise Power Spectrum, and Noise Equivalent Quanta.
  • New Settings interface: With improved user experience and search. These new settings replace the ROI Options, Options II, Options III in previous releases.
  • Flatfield: Addition of EMVA1288 row/column noise calculations.
  • Main Window All image formats now can be previewed, loading time improvements for large sets of images.
  • Image Metadata Storage: Importing EXIF information for preview of relevant information about each image.
  • Improved SFRreg Detection using an artificial intelligence model for all targets with registration mark detection (eSFR ISO, 36-Patch DR, Contrast Resolution, Siemens star).
  • Gamutvision 2.0, incorporation of a color gamut viewer originally launched by Imatest in 2006.

Stray Light

  • Added ability to normalize by a user-provided value.
  • Added ability to have separate masking settings for the reference image.
  • Output pixel count above a threshold.
  • Switches to median aggregation in reference image normalization.
  • Added ability to directly use the image processing mask method.
  • Added ability to set the threshold in image processing masking via Otsu’s method.
  • Added a minimum source threshold to the image processing method.
  • Added other compensation factors for normalization via a reference image.
  • Larger summary plots, updates to nomenclature.

Arbitrary Charts

Minor Features

  • Tour Mode starts from the welcome window to demonstrate the usage of the new main window.
  • Improvement of default settings for slanted-edge region selection, stepchart ROI fill-factor and Delta-E 00 color correction.
  • Color/tone:  split plot improvement to include exposure-matched reference value.
  • Offline Floating License Server: Allows deployment of concurrent licenses and virtual machines in an offline environment.
  • IT/EXE: Improved command line interface.

Known Issues

  • Linux mp4 file read/write does not work
  • Information Capacity, SNRi, NPS, and NEQ single-channel-only analysis of color images does not work in interactive slanted edge modules (checkerboard, eSFR ISO, SFR, SFRplus, SFRreg).
    • Workaround: Perform multi-channel analysis of color images or choose “No information capacity calculation” option when performing single-channel-only analysis. 
  • Information Capacity, SNRi, NPS, NEQ plots not yet available or do not work in auto slanted edge modules (checkerboard, eSFR ISO, SFR, SFRplus, SFRreg).
    • Workaround: Do not select associated plotting options while performing slanted edge auto analysis. Instead, view plots in interactive mode. JSON outputs are still available for each of the slanted edge auto analyses, even without plotting.