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IntroductionIntro to stray light testing and normalized stray lightOutputs from Imatest stray light analysis | History

Background | Examples of stray lightRoot Causes | Test overview | Test factors | Test ConsiderationsGlossary

Calculations | Metric image calculationsNormalization methodsLight source mask methods

Instructions | High-level Imatest analysis instructions (Master and IT) | Computing normalized stray light with Imatest | Motorized Gimbal instructions

Settings | Settings list and INI keys/values | Configuration file input



Light Source Masking

  • Separates masking settings for the reference image and test images
  • Adds the ability to use the Image Processing masking method
  • Adds the ability to use no masking (test images only)
  • Adds minimum stray light level threshold to Image Processing-based source masking to improve masking when the source is out of the FOV
  • Adds the ability to use Otsu’s method to determine the light source threshold for Image Processing masking



  • Adds count results: number of pixels with stray light worse than user-provided thresholds



  • Adds tabs (extra commas) in CSV outputs to delineate sections


  • Initial stray light offering