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Stray light (flare) documentation pages

IntroductionIntro to stray light testing and normalized stray lightOutputs from Imatest stray light analysis | History

Background | Examples of stray lightRoot Causes | Test overview | Test factors | Test ConsiderationsGlossary

Calculations | Metric image calculationsNormalization methodsLight source mask methods | Analysis Channels

Instructions | High-level Imatest analysis instructions (Master and IT) | Computing normalized stray light with Imatest | Motorized Gimbal instructions

Settings | Settings list and INI keys/values | Configuration file input


Stray Light Metrics

NameCalculationData TransformNormalizationNotes
Imatest Recommended (New User)TransmissionLinearNone
Imatest Recommended (Advanced User)TransmissionLinearDirect Reference Image
IEEE P2020 Pre-Release Flare AttenuationAttenuationPower DecibelsLambertian Reference Image
Point Source Rejection Ratio (PSRR)TransmissionLinearDirect Reference Image