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* indicates that this field will be described in more detail at the bottom of this document (Much of the text at the bottom will be common to several ini file reference pages).

For more information on how to use INI files in Imatest IT, we recommend the Imatest INI File Reference

For Imatest IT, most of these entries don’t need to be entered. Many don’t affect Imatest IT results: they control interactive figure displays or figure output formats (figures are often not used in Imatest IT).

Background Meaning
Yellow Yellow background: Important to Imatest IT. Parameter and Description are in boldface. [IT]
Cyan Cyan background: Figure settings. (Figures are used infrequently for IT.) [f]
Gray Gray background: For interactive operation. No effect on IT.
Clear Clear background: Results details (units, scaling, etc.) for CSV and JSON output,
or not yet categorized. May affect IT results.


INI file settings for SFR
Notes: Parameters of special interest to IT users are indicated by [IT] and displayed in Boldface. Some entries have extra values (unused; there to make it easy to add more settings).
Parameter Section Type Description Default value(s)
acutanceType sqf int Acutance CPIQ [1], Standard SQF [2] 1
agc16bit imatest int AGC (auto-lighten) dark 16-bit files 1
anlz_rough sfr int Analyze edge roughness (slight slowdown) 0
anlz_sqf sfr int Perform Acutance/SQF analysis 0
aper sfr str Aperture: may be used for ISO sensitivity  
areanorm sfr int Normalization for MTF area calculation for secondary readouts 1,2: 1 = unnorml; 2 = normalize to maximum. 2 2
bayeraw sfr int Bayer RGB format (monochrome-only): 0-5 for [standard monochrome, R, Gr, B, Gb, demosaic] [IT] 0
brawShift dcraw int Bayer RAW bit shift 1
CA sfr str Plot Lateral Chromatic Aberration (color images-only)[f] Max
camera sfr str (camera type from EXIF data)  
chcontrast sfr int chcontrast(1) is index of chart contrast for calculating gamma when chcontrast(3)=1: 7 10 0
  1-12 for contrast ratio = [Off 80 50 40 25 20 10 5 4 2 1.414 1.2 1.1]* [IT]
closefigs sfr int Close figures after save if 1. May prevent excessive figure buildup, which shows Imatest down.[IT] 0
continue_on_error api int Continue batch-processing if exception [IT] 0
CPIQPreset sqf int Height & distance presets for Acutance calculation: [1] None, 1
  [2] Small Print (10 cm height, 25cm dist, 600 DPI),
[3] Large Print (40cm height, 75cm dist, 600DPI),
[4] Computer Monitor at 100% (60cm distance, 100PPI),
[5] 4.5″ Cell Phone (5.5cm height, 25cm dist, 330PPI),
[6] 30″ 4k UHDTV (37.5cm height, 50cm dist, 146 PPI)
csvbase_header sfr int 1 or 2 line CSV database header 2
cyclesper sfr str Plot Edge & MTF Max
cyclesper_value sfr int Index of display unit: 1-13 for 1
  C/P, C/mm, C/in, LW/PH, LP/PH C/mrad, C/deg, C/Objmm, C/Objin, LW/CH, LP/CH, LW/N_PX, LP/N_PX. See [IT]
debug api int   0
deconvFile sfr str Deconvolution (chart compensation) file *.csv
deconvFolder imatest str Deconvolution (chart comp.) folder: no filesep at end C:\imatest\GUIProducts\ Trunk\depends\RTDepends
deconvParam sfr dec Deconvolution (chart compensation) settings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
demoz dcraw int Demosaicing algorithm 1 1 0
derivCorr imatest int LSF derivative correction ISO 12233:2014(D.1) Strongly recommended (may remove) 1
disable_figs api int No figures in IT [IT] 0
displayType sqf int Screen [1], Print [2], Ideal [3] 1
edgecrop sfr int Index of edge display for Edge/MTF plot: 1=default; 2=entire edge; 3={-4,6} pizels; 4={-10,15}; 5={-15,20}; 6-Half edge; 7=Quarter edge [f] 1
edgerough sfr str Plot Edge roughness [f] Min
emph2 sfr int Emphasize (make bold) secondary readout in Edge/MTF plot [f] 0
exiftool imatest int EXIF read selection. 1 1
  exiftool(1) = 0 (no EXIF), 1 or 2 (use Phil Harvey’s ExifTool), 3 (Matlab built-in).
expandplt imatest str Expand fixed-module figures [f] 1
expert sfr int Expert (1) vs. basic mode (0) for parameters window [int] 1
fig_display_mode api int Figure generation mode for IT 0
figsave sfr int Type of figure to save: 1 for png; 2 for fig [f] 1
filecomb sfr int Combine files if >1 (for signal averaging) 0
foclth sfr str (focal length from EXIF data. Use for cycles/angle)  
folder sfr str Folder for Open image file dialogue box [int] C:\imatest\GUIProducts\ Trunk\source\
gamma sfr str gamma for linearization {IT] 0.5
getfileopt imatest int 1 for standard file read dialog; 2 for uipickfiles, which supports batches. [int] 1
globfold imatest str Use a global folder for reading images, rather than a folder for each module.[int] Min
globsave imatest str Use a global folder for saving results, rather than a folder for each module.[int] Min
heightOrPct sqf int If true [1] image heights are calculated using percentage magnification 0
ini_file_date imatest str Set to run date in some modules. Informational. UNUSED?  
instarun imatest int New cropping indicator [int] 0
iso sfr str (ISO speed settingfrom EXIF data)  
isostd sfr str ISO 12233 standard calculation. Min or Max. Min
keepExt imatest int Keep file extension (jpg, png, …) when saving results 0
lambdadiff sfr dec Wavelength(um) for diffraction-ltd MTF (aper must be set) [f] 0.555
lastfiles sfr str Last file list [int]  
lens sfr str (lens type from EXIF data)  
lenschart sfr str Lens-to-chart distance cm for focal lth calc.  
lensOnly sqf int If true [1] viewing display type must be ideal [3] 0
lum_coeffs imatest dec Luminance (Y-channel) coefficients & index [IT] 0.2125 0.7154 0.0721 2
lwlpd sfr int 1 to display LW/PH, 2 for LP/PH 1
magnification sfr dec Magnification (for C/Obj mm). Ignore if 0 or for most units. 0
maxDist sqf dec Maximum viewing distance (cm) 150
maxHeight sqf dec Max height (cm) for Fixed distance Acutance sweep 100
maxPct sqf dec Maximum percent magnification of the image 200
minDist sqf dec Minimum viewing distance (cm) 50
minHeight sqf dec Min height (cm) for Fixed distance Acutance sweep 5
minPct sqf dec Minimum percent magnification of the image 25
mod_apod sfr int “Mod Apod” MTF noise reduction. Recommended. 1
multidisp sfr int Multi-ROI view options [f]: which of boxes 1-4 to display: 1=all; 2=[2-4]; 3=[2,3]; 4=[3,4], … 1
multistyle sfr int Multi-ROI results selection: which variables to display. 1 [f]
multitype sfr str Multi-ROI plot type (1D, 2D, etc.)[f] 3
n1090 sfr int R1090 rise distance index: 1-5 for 10-90, 10-80, 10-70, 20-80, 20-70 1
nht_save sfr int Height in pixels of last image 0
noisehist sfr str Plot noise histogram [f] Min
nonuniformCorr sfr int Slanted-edge nonuniformity correction 0
noplot api int Suppress all plots in IT [IT] 0
normalizeValues sqf int If true [1] normalize MTF values for acutance calculations, otherwise choose false [0] 0
nowait imatest int Suppress waitbar if set [IT] 0
nwid_save sfr int Width in pixels of last image 0
ois_enable sfr int Optical Image Stabilization enable 0 0
other sfr str System description (manually-entered) displayed in EXIF area [f]  
passFail api str Pass/fail file name  
ph sfr str Picture height in pixels [IT]  
ph16505 sfr int Picture Height for ISO 16505 0
pixelsper sfr str Sensor pixel spacing or pitch in pixelsper units.  
pixunits_value sfr int Index (1-3) for sensor spacing units: pixels/inch, px/mm, or um/pixel 3
  Example: for 4 um/pixel, use pixelsper = 4; pixunits_value = 3.
plotmax sfr int Index of maximum plot frequency for Edge/MTF plot: 1
  1-6 for [2, 1, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05]*Nyquist frequency[f]
plotType sqf int Sqf or Acutance Standard Plot [1], JND [2] [f] 1
pltaf sfr str AAA Auto Focus AF Plot Min
pltsharp sfr int Display oversharpening if 2 2
pop_edge sfr int Edge plot type for Edge/MTF plot: [f] 1
  1-5 for Edge profile (norml, linearized), LSF, Edge (not lin), Edge (lin, UNnorml), …
preset sfr int ??? [f] 1
pw sfr str Picture width in pixels [IT]  
pxPerCm sqf dec Pixel per cm resolution of the image 100
radius sfr dec Radius for standardized sharpening (not normally needed) 2
rdnum sfr str Secondary readout 1 MTF@ rdnum [IT] 0.3
rdnum2 sfr str Secondary readout 2 MTF@ rdnum2 [IT] 0.2
rdnum3 sfr str Secondary readout 3 MTF@ rdnum3 0.2
rdpct sfr str Secondary readout 1 nn (%) for MTFnn or MTFnnP [IT] 30
rdpct2 sfr str Secondary readout 2 nn (%) for MTFnn or MTFnnP [IT] 20
rdpct3 sfr str Secondary readout 3 nn (%) for MTFnn or MTFnnP 20
rdtype sfr str Secondary readout 1 name: “MTF”, “MTF__P”, “MTF Area”, or “MTF @” [IT] See MTF
rdtype2 sfr str Secondary readout 2 name: “MTF”, “MTF__P”, “MTF Area”, or “MTF @” [IT] (none)
rdtype3 sfr str Secondary readout 3 name: “MTF”, “MTF__P”, “MTF Area”, or “MTF @” (none)
rdunit sfr int Secondary readout 1 frequency unit index (1-3 for C/P, C/mm, C/in) [IT] 1
rdunit2 sfr int Secondary readout 2 frequency unit index (1-3 for C/P, C/mm, C/in) [IT] 1
rdunit3 sfr int Secondary readout 3 frequency unit index (1-3 for C/P, C/mm, C/in) 1
readexif imatest int Read EXIF data from image file 1
readoutDist sqf dec Readout distance OR fixed viewing distance (cm) 100
readoutHeight sqf dec Readout height (OR) OR fixed height of the image (cm) 75
readoutPct sqf dec Readout percent magnification OR fixed percent magnification 100
resultsave sfr int Save results in subfolder Results of image file folder 1
RGBY_value sfr int Index of channel to analyze (4 is Y)[IT] 4
rmcn dcraw int Index of location of Red pixel in Bayer raw: 0-4 for unknown, R1C1, R1C2, R2C1, R2C2 0
roi_mult sfr int ROI: (nroi,4) array: [x(ul) y(ul) x(lr) y(lr)]. 1 1 1 1
  For non-rescharts SFR. Example for 2 ROIs: roi_mult = [ 217 111 232 133; 234 110 250 131;] [IT]
roifilter sfr int ROI detection filtering 0
save_answer sfr str Save results for this module (Yes or No) [int] Yes
save_dir sfr str Folder for saving results [int] C:\imatest\GUIProducts\ Trunk\source\Results\
save_file_list sfr int List of files to save (specific to module) Some extras. Elements:1=Edge/MTF plot; 3=CA plot; 6=CSV; 8=Acutance; 9=Noise histogram; 10-Edge roughness plot; 11=JSON; 12=HTML; 13=PDF 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
save_roi_list sfr int List of ROIs to save (multiple ROIs) [int] 1 1 1 1
saveCSV sfr int Save CSV file -99
savedel api int Always close figures after saving them [IT] 0
saveHTML sfr int Save HTML report 0
saveJSON sfr int Save JSON file -99
savePDF sfr int Save PDF report 0
sfrrefine sfr int Refine ROI next SFR run 0
SFRsuffix sfr int Suffix for saving plots & summary CSV file 1
shannon sfr str Plot Shannon capacity if ‘Max’ [f] Min
shutter sfr str Shutter speed: may be used for ISO sensitivity  
speedup sfr int Speed up calculations (no histograms or Shannon capacity). Recommended. [IT] 1
SQF sqf str Calculate Acutance or SQF Min
SQFmult sfr str Plot multi-ROI Acutance or SQF. [f] Min
viewSettings sqf dec [1] Fixed Viewing Distance, Varying Height 1
  (requires minDist, maxDist, readoutDist, pxPerCm AND readoutHeight OR readoutPct)
winlarge imatest int Enlarge interactive windows [int] 0
zweights sfr dec Zone weights: ctr, mid, corner. Can be 0-1. [.5 .5 .5] might be better for machine vision. 1 0.75 0.5
Parameter Section Type Description Default value(s)



Secondary readouts are displayed in several MTF plots and in CSV and JSON output of sharpness modules. They are also used for pass/fail criteria.

The Secondary readout window (shown on the right) controls the secondary readout display in MTF plots. The primary readout is MTF50 (the half-contrast spatial frequency). Three secondary readouts are available with several options. The first defaults to MTF30 (the spatial frequency where MTF is 30%). The third is used only for SFRplus Lens-style MTF plots.

  • The upper radio button (MTF) for each readout selects MTFnn, the spatial frequency where MTF is nn% of its low frequency value.
    nn is rdpct, rdpct2, or rdpct3 in the ini file.
  • The second radio button selects MTFnnP, the spatial frequency where MTF is nn% of its peak value: useful with strongly oversharpened edges.
  • The third radio button (MTF @ ) selects MTF @ f units, where f is a spatial frequency in units of Cycles/pixel, LP/mm, or LP/in. If you select this button, the pixel spacing should be specified in the Cycles per… line in the Plot section of the input dialog box, shown above. A reminder message is displayed if the pixel spacing has been omitted.
  • The fourth radio button (MTF Area) selects the area under the MTF curve (below the Nyquist frequency). When it is normalized to the peak MTF it tracks MTF50 for low to moderate sharpening, but, unlike MTF50, it remains constant for oversharpened images. Described in Slanted-Edge MTF measurement consistency
  • In INI files,
    • rdtype, rdtype2, and rdtype3 are ‘MTF’, ‘MTF__P’, ‘MTF Area’, or MTF @’: the type of display, indicated by the radio buttons.
    • rdnum, rdnum2, and rdnum3 are frequencies f for MTF @ f plot units (e.g., MTF@0.2 C/P)
    • rdpct, rdpct2, and rdpct3 are nn (%) for their respective MTFnn or MTFnnP readouts.
    • rdunit, rdunit2, and rdunit3 are the indices for the plot units: 1 for Cycles/Pixel; 2 for Cycles/mm; 3 for Cycles/in.