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The following settings control behavior of the Geometric Calibrator module and aspects of the calibration procedure.

In Imatest Master they may be entered in the Settings window, which can be reached from the Geometric Calibrator window Edit → Settings menu selection. The values are stored in the current INI being used by Imatest.

An INI file containing these settings must be supplied when calling the Geometric Calibrator function from Imatest IT.

If any of the values are not defined, the default values in bold below are used.


Operational Settings

Throwing Errors if Checkerboard is not detected

INI field: [geocal] throw_on_detection_failure Value0 | 1

Aborts operation if the calibration target is not successfully detected in even one image.

If this is not enabled, the module will still run with all of the evidence available even if some images fail the detection step. 


Informational Display

INI field: [geocal] informative_display Value0 | 1
Display steps of the operation in the status or command window as the module runs. 


Suppressing messages

INI field: [api] nomsg Value0 | 1
Disable messages and pop-up windows.


Use Parallel Processing

INI field: [geocal] use_parallel Value0 | 1

Set to 1 to use parallel processing.

Parallel processing relies on physical cores. At least 4GB of ram should be free on top of what it requires to run geometric calibration. Due to the way MATLAB caches byte code, a speed increase may not be observed the first few times Geometric Calibration is run.



Optimizer Settings

Maximum Iterations

INI field: [geocal] maxIter Value: positive number [Default: 100]

The maximum number of iterations to use at each step of the optimization.

An optimization has converged if it exits before reaching this many iterations. Exit criteria are defined by funcTol and xTol. Larger values may run longer, but may lead to a better answer.


Residual Stopping Criteria

INI field:[geocal] funcTol Value:  positive number  [Default: 1e-7]
Stops the optimization if the change in sum of squared errors is less than this value.


Parameter Stopping Criteria

INI field: [geocal] xTol Value: positive number  [Default: 1e-7]
Stops the optimization if the change in all of the parameters being estimated is less than this value.