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Multitest sdr-36 ini file reference


INI file settings for Color/Tone Auto (Multitest) sdr-36

For more information on how to use INI files in Imatest IT, we recommend the Imatest INI File Reference. See also Saved settings – Imatest.ini and INI files for use with Imatest IT

For Imatest IT, most of the entries in the table don’t need to be entered. Many don’t affect Imatest IT results: they control interactive figure displays or figure output formats (figures are often not used in Imatest IT). Some have extra value to facilitate future expansion. To extract an INI control file for Imatest IT from the default Imatest Master INI file (imatest-v2.ini), we recommend the procedure described in Extracting an INI file from imatest-v2.ini for Imatest IT.

In Imatest 5.2+, Multitest has been renamed Color/Tone Auto, but ‘Multitest’ will still be used in the ini file. Run Multitest with the chart to be used for IT prior to extracting the ini file from imatest-v2.ini (which contains everything from Master runs).

This document was created by running Multitest sdr-36 in Imatest 5.2.0. ALPHA on 06-Jun-2019 22:12:40.

Background Meaning
Yellow Yellow background: Important to Imatest IT. Parameter and Description are in boldface. [IT]
Cyan Cyan background: Figure settings. (Figures are used infrequently for IT.) [f]
Gray Gray background: For interactive operation. No effect on IT.
Clear Clear background: Results details (units, scaling, etc.) for CSV and JSON output,
or not yet categorized. May affect IT results.


INI file settings for Color/Tone Auto (Multitest) sdr-36
Parameter Section Type Description Default value(s)
acquire imatest int Acquire image from instrument if specode==’dataq’. 0-10+. 0
  0=File; 1=Epiphan; 2=Omnivision; 43=Toshiba; 4=STM; 5=Graphin; 6=OnSemi DevWare; 7=Android; 8=Operator Console; 9=IP; 10=Sony
altchartMultitest gamut int Index of grayscale chart for Color/Tone Auto. Distinguish from Multicharts. NaN
altchartype gamut int Last grayscale chart type 1
aperture_save gamut str    
aperture_save sdr-36 str    
auto_express imatest int Express mode for Auto ROI detection. [int] 0
autoreload gamut int Continuous reload 1
autoroi sdr-36 int Auto region selection for this section 1
autoroi_all imatest int Auto ROI detection for all supported modules. 2
axis3d gamut int D plot axis setting 4
axtight gamut int Expand axis for 3D L*a*b* plot. 0 or 1. [f] 0
bayeraw sdr-36 int Bayer RGB format (monochrome-only): 0-5 for [standard monochrome, R, Gr, B, Gb, demosaic] [IT] 0
bk3d gamut dec 3D background 0.3
bkvect gamut dec Vectorscope background. 0-1 [f] 0.2
brawShift dcraw int Bayer RAW bit shift index: 1 for auto; 2-6 for 0, 2, 3, 6, 8 1
bwplot gamut int BW plot type [f] 1
calcNoise gamut int Don’t use. (???) 1 0 0 30 20 0 50 20 0 1 1 0 0
calcNoise sdr-36 int Visual noise calculations. Only element (1) used in 5.2+. 1 0 0 30 20 0 50 20 0 1 1 0 0
cdpParams gamut dec CDP (Contrast Detection Probability) Params (have some extra) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
CDPstats gamut int   0 0
chartClass gamut int Multicharts (Color/Tone Setup) Chart class: 1 = color, 2 = multi-row gray, 3 = linear gray 1
gamut int Multitest (Color/Tone Auto) Chart class: 1 = color, 2 = multi-row gray, 3 = linear gray 1
chartMultitest gamut int Index of color chart for Color/Tone Auto. Distinguish from Multicharts. NaN
chartview gamut int   3
chartype gamut int For handles.chartype. Pre-5.2 1
chromult gamut dec Chroma multiplier for reference (for increasing/reducing chroma) 1
closefigs sdr-36 int Close figures after save if 1. Minimize figure buildup, which slows operation.[IT] 0
color_mx_gamma gamut dec Color matrix input gamma 0.5
color_mx_weights gamut dec handles.color_mx_weights 0
color_mx_wt_file gamut str handles.color_mx_wt_file  
colorspace sdr-36 str Color space (determined by ncolor- doesn’t need to be entered) sRGB
defaultref gamut int Default reference media for SFRplus or eSFR ISO 1
demoz dcraw int Demosaicing algorithm for dcraw 1 1 0
dfz gamut int   10
difplt gamut int Color difference (Delta) plot 1
disable_figs api int No figures in IT (~interactive>0). 0
displayNums gamut int Show patch numbers in split & pseudocolor displays [f]. 0
displayright sdr-36 int Display thumbnails & EXIF data on right of Multitest plots [f] 1
dispnoise gamut int Noise display. 1
dispnoise2 gamut int   1
dispvect gamut int Vectorscope reference display. [f] 2
distort sdr-36 dec Distortion for region fine selection: (-) for barrel. Up to 20 values for files from newest to oldest, identified by roi. 0
dngDirect imatest int Adobe DNG file handling. Set in Options II. 1 0 0
dpxrgb imatest int R-B reversal for DPX files 0
exiftool imatest int EXIF read selection. 1 1
  exiftool(1) = 0 (no EXIF), 1 or 2 (use Phil Harvey’s ExifTool), 3 (Matlab built-in).
expandplt imatest int Expand fixed-module figures. 0=none; 1=1.25x; 2=1.5x. [f] 0
fig_display_mode api int How figures should be generated in IT (c.f. FigureDisplayMode.m) 0
figsave sdr-36 int Type of figure to save: 1 for png; 2 for fig [f] 1
filecomb gamut int   1
filecomb sdr-36 int Combine files if >=1 (for signal averaging) [int] 0
fillf sdr-36 dec Linear fill factor for region selection. Up to 20 values for files from newest to oldest, identified by roi. 0.7
folder sdr-36 str Folder for Open image file dialogue box [int] C:imatestGUIProducts Trunksource
fontsize gamut int   10
getfileopt imatest int Get file dialog box option 1
globfold imatest str Use a global folder for reading images, rather than a folder for each module.[int] Min
globsave imatest str Use a global folder for saving results, rather than a folder for each module.[int] Min
graysc gamut dec   0.4
hslight gamut dec HSL lightness. Floating point [f] 0
hslplot gamut int HSL plot type 3
iccfolder gamut str ICC profile folder C:WindowsSystem32 SpoolDriversColor
imatest gamut str Location of image editor for saving screens [int] Enter image editor pathname here.
instarun imatest int New cropping indicator [int] 0
IT8region gamut int   1
keepExt imatest int Keep file extension (jpg, png, …) when saving results 0
lastdens gamut dec Last density 0.1 0.2 0.31 0.43 0.56 0.7 0.87 1.05 1.27 1.53 1.86 2.3
lastfile sdr-36 str   (none)
lastfiles sdr-36 str    
lastfull sdr-36 str   C:imatestGUIProducts Trunksource
lasttype sdr-36 str  
light gamut int   1
lum_coeffs imatest dec Luminance (Y-channel) coefficients & index [IT] 0.2125 0.7154 0.0721 2
luxinc gamut str Incident lux for ISO sensitivity/Exposure Index}  
mirror sdr-36 int 0 = not mirrored; 1 = mirror image 0
multitest_name gamut str Multitest button name (changes…) Multitest
mx_lin gamut int Color matrix linearization. Start with color sp gamma. 1
mx_mxn gamut int Color matrix size 2
mx_opt gamut int Color matrix optimization Start with Delta-E 94. 3
mx_weight gamut int Color matrix weighting scheme: 1 equal; 2 L*. 1
mxn gamut int General mxn grid size 4 6
ncirc gamut int Index of number of squares in circle pattern 5
ncolor sdr-36 int Index of color space: 1=sRGB; 2=Adobe RGB; … 1
nColormap imatest int Color map for pseudocolor plots. 1-6. Set in Options II. [f] 1
nht_save sdr-36 int Previous ROI height: used for “Repeat ROI?” [int] 0
noiseCPIQ visnoise int CPIQ setting chosen in Visual Noise GUI: 1-6: 1 = None; 1
  2 = Small Print (h=10cm h, d-25cm, 600 DPI), 3 = Large Print (h=40cm, d=75cm, 600 DPI), 4 = Computer Monitor at 100% (d=60cm, 100PPI), 5 = 4.5″ Cell Phone (h=5.5cm, d=25cm, 330 PPI), 6 = 30″ 4k UHDTV (h=37.5cm, d=50cm, 146 PPI)
noisedist1 visnoise dec 1st Visual noise viewing distance cm 40
noisedist2 visnoise dec 2nd Visual noise viewing distance cm, empty if none  
noisedist3 visnoise dec 3rd Visual noise viewing distance cm, empty if none  
noiseheight1 visnoise dec 1st Visual noise viewing height cm 25
noiseheight2 visnoise dec 2nd Visual noise viewing height cm1  
noiseheight3 visnoise dec 3rd Visual noise viewing height cm  
noisenonuniform imatest int Index of noise nonuniformity. 1=new calc.; 2=no corr. (simple sigma) 1
noiseNorm gamut int Noise normalization & x-axis settings. 1 1 0
noisepct1 visnoise dec 1st Visual noise % magnification, empty when height provided  
noisepct2 visnoise dec 2nd Vis noise % magn  
noisepct3 visnoise dec 3rd Vis noise % magn (optional). In Master, midway between 1 & 2  
noiseplot visnoise int Visual noise plot: 1 = sigma(L*u*v* or L*a*b*) and Vis noise 1
  2 = sigma(L*)-only; 3 = sigma(U* or a*)-only; 4 = sigma(v( or b*)-only; 5 = vis noise-only; 6 = L* and vis noise
noiseppcm visnoise dec pixels per cm resolution of the image 39.7
nomsg api int   0
nonualgorithm gamut int Nonuniform corr algorithm. 1
nonucorr gamut int Turn on nonuniformity correction if 1. 0
nonufile gamut str Nonuniform corr file.  
nonugamcolsp gamut int Use color space gamma if 1. 0
nonugamma gamut dec Estimated gamma for nonuniformity correction for Color/Tone, Colorcheck, Stepchart. 0.5
nonulevel gamut int Nonuniform corr level setting. 1
nonusave gamut int Save corrected file. 1
nwid_save sdr-36 int Previous ROI width: used for “Repeat ROI?” [int] 0
offset gamut int   0
OpenGL imatest int OpenGL setting: software, hardware 1
passFail api str Pass/fail file name [IT]  
plot3Dtype gamut dec 3D image plot type & limits. Extra entries [f] 2 -150 0 0 0
plotimage gamut int Image plot type: 1-26: Original, single channel, saturated, lightened, etc. [f] 1
plotlist sdr-36 int Multitest plot list: set in multitest_setup 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
pltres gamut int Plot resolution used in 3D L*a*b* plot 1
progm gamut str Module For handles.chartype==3 % Module_save ST-52
readexif imatest int Read EXIF data from image file 1
ref_value sdr-36 int Chart reference value index 1
Refile sdr-36 str Reference file  
resultsave sdr-36 int Save results in subfolder Results of image file folder 1
rmcn dcraw int Index of location of Red pixel in Bayer raw: 0-4 for unknown, R1C1, R1C2, R2C1, R2C2 0
roi sdr-36 int Saved ROI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
rowsum gamut int Color matrix constraint: none, rows or columns sum to 1. 1
run_matrix sdr-36 int Run color matrix in generic_module 0
satlvl gamut int Saturation level index: 1-3 for [.98 .98*235/255 .98*max(rgb_Yplot)] 1
save_answer sdr-36 str   Yes
save_dir gamut str directory for saving plots C:imatestGUIProducts TrunksourceResults
save_dir sdr-36 str Folder for saving results [int] C:imatestGUIProducts TrunksourceResults
save_file_list sdr-36 int   1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
saveCSV sdr-36 int Save CSV file -99
savedel api int Always close figures after saving them [IT] 0
saveHTML sdr-36 int Save HTML report 0
saveJSON sdr-36 int Save JSON file -99
savePDF sdr-36 int Save PDF report 0
second_2d_plot sdr-36 int Second 2D plot 2
shutter_save gamut str    
shutter_save sdr-36 str    
stepatch stepchart int Number of patches for Linear grayscale stepcharts 20
stepplot2 gamut int Lower stepchart plot 1
thumbDisplay gamut int Thumbnail display type: 2 for image crop. [f] 3
toneabove gamut int Add Tone plot above Noise plot. [f] 1
transparency gamut dec Transparency for 3D L*a*b* plot 0
vectcols gamut int Vectorscope colorimetry. [f] 1
version gamut str Imatest version for compatibility (changed in 5.2). 0.0
visnoisecalc visnoise int Visual noise calculation options: 1 = No visual noise calculation;2 = Calculate ISO 15739 visual noise; 3 = Calculate CPIQ Visual Noise; 4 = Calculate both ISO, CPIQ Visual Noise.; 1
winlarge imatest int Enlarge interactive windows [int] 0
wire gamut int wire frame color 1
xaxistype gamut int Index of Noise x-axis units. 1-5: Log exp, Lux, dB, Log exp, F-stops [f] 1
xy_illum gamut dec   0 0
xy_last gamut dec   0.38 0.38
xybdry gamut int   1
xycolor gamut int   1
xyzmatrix gamut int Calculate xyY matrix if 2; rgb if 1. xyY may be better (?) 2
Parameter Section Type Description Default value(s)