Image Quality Testing for Medical Endoscopes and Microscopes 

Medical imaging typically involves close range macro distances.

Our solutions allow you to quality test microscopes and endoscopes for sharpness, distortion, chromatic aberration, and color calibration using the most precise targets.

With our conveniently packaged image quality test materials for both microscopes and endoscopes, we will help you meet and exceed industry standards for your imaging systems.


Image Quality Testing for Endoscopes

Imatest Benchtop Test Stand

The Imatest Benchtop Test Stand (BTS) is an easy-to-use, modular platform for image quality testing. The fixture is well-suited for testing endoscopes. 

Quickly test endoscopes and medical devices for sharpness, color accuracy, and more with an optional mount designed for endoscopes.

Perform transmissive testing with Imatest lightboxes and light panels (sold separately), or perform reflective testing using the optional Magnetic Chart Mounting System. 


Transmissive and Reflective Targets

The challenge in testing endoscopes is finding a test chart that is precise enough to have a minimal effect on the measurements and large enough to cover the field of view. Imatest has found and offers the best targets for this purpose.

Image Quality Testing for Microscopes

Micro Multi-Size Slides using Chrome on Glass

Assessing the quality of a microscope image requires very high precision. Each slide is offered in a 75mm x 25mm, or 3″ x 1″ size. The Checkerboard, SFRPlus, and eSFR ISO configurations will test distortion, chromatic aberration, and sharpness. Use the configuration of lighting and targets that best meets your needs.


If you need a custom solution, one of our experts will gladly help you decide what to pick for your testing environment.

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