Get Imatest support for all of your imaging needs.

Imatest and our partners are ready and willing to help your company solve a wide variety of image quality testing issues.

How can our experts help you?

  • Offer innovative solutions to address key issues in the design, development and testing of imaging applications.
  • Work with your staff to ensure that you are using the Imatest suite of products (Master, IT and IS) to their full potential.
  • Adapt our algorithms to the characterization of unconventional imaging systems.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your testing procedures by maximizing the number of quality factors that can be obtained from each test image.
  • Assist you in identifying root causes of failures in manufacturing processes.
  • Give additional insight on how to maintain customer satisfaction while controlling cost and maximizing production yield.

Experts available in the following fields:

  • Imaging and Color Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Physics
  • Biomedical Photography
  • Camera Image Quality Engineer / System Characterization
  • Optical Engineer / Lens Designer
  • Digital Signal Processing / Image Enhancement Pipeline
  • Camera Integration Engineer

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Imatest can help your image quality testing reach its full potential.

Recent Consulting Projects

Our clients run the spectrum of imaging companies. See how we’ve helped other businesses.

Checked icon For a major medical device company, Imatest developed software to remove the honeycomb patterns introduced by fiberscopes and developed blemish detection algorithms and sofware. Checked icon Constructed test methods and software to support quality control of night vision scopes for a supplier to the US military. Checked icon Produced custom high-stress resistant test charts for an automotive camera manufacturer and integrated LabVIEW into Imatest IT for constant analysis of cameras placed in an extreme temperature and humidity test chamber. Checked icon Formed new image quality testing routines for testing optical image stabilization systems and supported software integration in the production environment for a major consumer electronics company.

Checked icon Developed custom test charts and procedures to assess the image quality of a revolutionary new imaging system for a major medical device company. Checked icon Generated innovative infrared test charts designed to work in harsh physical environments for the US military. Checked icon Created software to remove the honeycomb patterns introduced by fiberscopes and made blemish detection algorithms and software for a major medical device company. Checked icon Integrated direct acquisition from development kits as part of Imatest IS for several image sensor manufacturers.

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