Find your formula for image quality testing optimization.

Professional integration of Imatest to your company’s specifications.

What are the benefits of using Imatest integration services?

  • We will integrate Imatest IT into your automated testing machines for module and device level camera quality control.
  • Imatest expert integration enables comparison of the manufacturing department’s “as-built” quality scores to R&D’s “as-designed” specifications.
  • We can build custom image quality testing algorithms to meet your company’s testing needs.
  • Our team takes nothing for granted and approachs each new integration on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Integration

  • Manufacturing Quality Control Integration
  • Application Integration
  • Image Acquisition Integration
    • Image Sensors
    • IP Cameras
    • Frame Grabbers
  • Your company’s unique project

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Recent Integration Projects

Discover the ways that we’ve helped a number of companies integrate Imatest into their daily operations.

Checked icon Created a customized version of Imatest IT for a Fortune 100 consumer electronics company in order to verify the image quality of each compact camera module produced by several suppliers, as well as end-of-line testing after the assembly of their mobile devices. Checked icon Generated a method of automatically pushing images from integrated signal processing tuning software to Imatest IS edition for a major semiconductor manufacturer. Checked icon Integrated direct acquisition of images from development kits in to Imatest IS edition for a several image sensor manufacturers.

Checked icon Developed a method of running tests in parallel in order to meet the high-UPH requirements of an automated test equipment manufacturer without excessive computing hardware. Checked icon Produced an operator console enabling real-time focus testing of automotive cameras during production for a global automotive part manufacturer.

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