Imatest’s Modular Test Stand enables easy, efficient, and reliable testing in a professional image quality test lab. Unlock additional capabilities with the optional Reflective Module and Wide Field of View Module.


The Imatest Modular Test Stand Base Module features a rail system for easy positioning, tripod head or gimbal head for mounting of device, and chart holder that accommodates a variety of charts.

The MTS Reflective Module is an add-on to the Modular Test Stand and is designed to work with Kino Flo LED Freestyle 31 lights and reflective charts.

The WFOV Module is an add-on to Imatest’s Modular Test Stand and provides an easy to use platform for sharpness testing of wide FOV camera systems up to 200º. 

Weight: Default Option (2m Rail): ~180 lbs (82kg)

Overall dimensions: Default Option (2m Rail): 2083mm long x 1000mm wide x 2020mm high (82″ long x 39.37″ wide x 79.53 high)

Weight: 54 kg

Total shipped weight with crate: 92 kg

Width when fully extended: 3100mm

Weight: RWFOV Module (not including base module, charts or lights): 173lb / 79kg; Crated: 328lb / 149kg

Overall fixture dimensions for full width max setup: Length: (Length of MTS Base Module) x Width: 3.38m x Height (2.04m)

Crated dimension: 20.03m x 0.61m x 0.53m

Material: Black anodized 6105 T5 Aluminum