Imatest MTS Linear Motion Blur Test Module

July 14, 2021
April 18, 2024


Imatest’s Linear Motion Blur Tester is an add-on to our Modular Test Stand Base Module. Test the effects of moving objects using a computer controlled stage with precise linear movements. Simulate scene motion. Imatest Modular Test Stand Base Module required. See MTS-MB Data sheet.

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MTS-MB Data sheet

Imatest Linear Motion Blur Module Features

  • Includes a recirculating ball bearing carriage which provides high load and lifetime
  • Easily connect using USB 2.0 or serial communication ports and send commands over RS-232
  • Zaber’s Console software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the target, change the device settings, and write custom scripts.
  • The linear stage system includes an indexed knob which provides manual control even without a computer.
  • Travel: 1150mm
  • Maximum Speed: 1857mm/s 
  • Maximum Acceleration: 3000mm/s
  • Control Interface: USB Serial Interface, Zaber Console Control Software, Python 3 – Zaber Motion Library

Imatest Modular Test Stand Base Module required.

Imatest Linear Motion Blur Module Specifications 




7.71 Kg (17lbs)

Slider Dimensions

1489.7mm x 134mm x 76mm

MTS-2m Dimensions (w/ slider)

1489.7mm x 2395mm x 2020mm

Linear Motion

Travel: 1150mm | Max Speed: 1857mm/s | Max Acceleration: 3000mm/s2

Microstep Size (Default Resolution): 

7.03125 µm


Accuracy (unidirectional): 1,037.5 µm     |     Repeatability: < 20 µm


< 250 µm

Motor Power

Peak Thrust: 90N     |     Maximum Torque: 180 N•cm

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50 °C

Maximum Load

Maximum Centered Load: 500 N     |     Maximum Cantilever Load: 5 N⋅m


Maximum Current Draw: 3500 mA