It is strongly recommended that charts be mounted on a smooth flat surface, like an acrylic board, to ensure no blemishes, bends, or bubbles occur that negatively impact image quality measurements. Imatest offers the option to professionally mount our test charts on acrylic or E-panel.  

Discuss mounting/framing of your targets with your sales engineer to have your quote include mounted charts. The ability to order select targets with framing will be coming to Imatest’s online store in the near future.

Mounting Substrate Types

E-panel is an aluminum composite panel used for interior and exterior display and signage applications. It is suitable for mounting graphics as well as digital or screen printing, and can be saw cut, routed or punched;

Acrylic sheets (plexiglass) offer a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to glass panels. Clear acrylic is used for transmissive targets.  Black acrylic with a matte surface is used to mount reflective targets or to provide a rigid frame for transmissive targets

Reflective Chart Mounting

Reflective Inkjet (semi-gloss or matte) and Photographic targets can be mounted on E-panel or black acrylic with optional mounting holes.

Transmissive Chart Mounting

Our Transmissive Color/B&W, VisNIR, and Transmissive Injket targets can be mounted on clear acrylic.   A black border can be printed on the outer

Transmissive Chart Framing

Framed chrome on glass target on lightbox

Framed chrome on glass target on lightbox

Transmissive Chart Framing is supported for our  Color/B&W LVT Film, VisNIR, Chrome on Glass, and Rez Checker / Color Gauge targets.  Framing involves surroundig the target with an opaque border made of black acrylic that cuts down on additional stray light from the lightbox and adapts the target to fit the particular mounting requirements of the lightbox.


Magnetic Chart Mount

The Imatest Benchtop Test Stand includes an option for a magnetic mounting plate.



Metric Imperial Pricing
up to 253 x 174mm up to 9.96″ x 6.85″ $100
(253-318mm) x (174-290mm) (9.96-12.52″) x (6.85-11.42″) $130
(318-456mm) x (290-327mm) (12.52-17.95″) x (11.42-12.87″) $240
(456-634mm) x (327-454mm) (17.95-24.96″) x (12.87-17.87″) $260
(634-931mm) x (454-702mm) (24.96-36.65″) x (17.87-27.64″) $500
(931-1253mm) x (702-706mm) (36.65-49.33″) x (27.64-27.8″) $840
(1440-1100mm) x (706 x 1253mm) (43.31-55.12″) x (27.8-49.33″) $1,100