Imatest partners with SphereOptics

Imatest is proud to announce our new authorized reseller with SphereOptics. Based in Germany, SphereOptics is a major supplier of technical equipment for the photonics industry. To learn more about our other partnerships and resellers, visit our about page.

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Camera to Chart Alignment

Centering test charts is critical for image quality testing. If the camera is not properly aligned with the test chart, your image may not be suitable for analysis; you may not know if the results are truly indicative of the camera system, or from an error in positioning the chart.  (more…)

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Photographing the Northern Lights

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis should be at the top of every photographer’s bucket list. This guide details the most important considerations for capturing images of the Northern lights. To be successful, you’ll need to be in the right place at the right time, equipped with the right camera and a decent amount of luck on your side.


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Skype Recommends Imatest For Video Quality Testing


You can find the latest Skype/Lync standards documents here:


The Skype Hardware Certification Specifications version 5.0 recommends imatest for sharpness testing.

You can find us mentioned on pagees 23, 85, 86

For Acuity testing, Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 24X40″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

For >1.5m depth of field testing, Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 40X60″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

The skype certification test charts are available for purchase in the Imatest Store.

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Microsoft Lync Logo selects Imatest

Imatest is the standard test software used in the recently published Microsoft USB peripheral requirements specification entitled “Optimized for Microsoft Lync Logo”, which can be downloaded here.

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Imatest Users Group on LinkedIn

Join the new Imatest users group to share questions and answers with other image quality testing professionals. Join here

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Imatest expands consulting services

Imatest has expanded its capabilities and staffing to better meet customer demand for consulting services. Now offering skills and experience in imaging science, optics, image quality testing, camera system design, software development, and project management, Imatest looks to play an increasing role in helping customers deliver leading-edge imaging systems. Details here

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Optical Research Associates Case Study

Imatest partners with ORA to deliver customized charts and software

ORA Finds Imatest Charts and Software to be Just the Right Medicine In medicine, seeing the problem requires clarity. Is that blemish part of the imaging system, or an early-stage tumor? Companies on the forefront of medical diagnosis systems know that image quality is paramount to the success of any new product. So, when one of the world leaders in medical imaging needed help, they turned to the combined team of Optical Research Associates (ORA), one of the most respected optics consulting companies in the world, and Imatest, the leader in image quality testing. (more…)

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Pelco is Secure Using Imatest to Manage Image Quality

In the world of video security systems, a picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture is sharp, crisp, and has deep contrasts. It is an industry so intolerant of doubt and shades of gray that it depends on software to achieve precision, clarity and resolution.

Pelco, the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems, has long understood the software component in the image quality equation, which is why it has relied on Imatest software and testing products for years. (more…)

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