Robotic Automation reduces manual work during product development. By executing automated image quality testing, you can eliminate discrepancies between tests. Dynamic camera alignment and tunable distance parameters increase repeatability of tests, decrease errors, and minimize in-house resources needed for testing. Program your lab to test multiple scenes with one device, and implement feedback control loops for automated lighting adjustments.


Basic Information

Move test devices into position for different charts or scenes with a 6-axis robot arm with 500mm (20″) reach in any direction and 360-degree waist rotation.

The Sofica Chart Selector is an automated chart changing system consisting of a motorized module to move different test chart panels into the camera measurement area.

The Automatic Test Chart System places test charts into the imaging plane automatically and precisely, offering quick interchangeability between many charts at the touch of a button.

Upgrades & Key Features

  • Upgrade to S17 with 750mm (30″) reach
  • Optional S-Track available: 2-4 meter length
  • Automated lighting control feedback
  • Chart carousel
    • 1700mm x 1020mm (67″ x 40″) customizable Backpane
    • Supports 10  test charts
    • ~13 second change cycle
  • Base System offers 8 steel panels, each measuring 122×152.4cm (48×60″)
  • Charts mount magnetically to neutral gray panels
  • Carries the test chart into the precise test position, reducing testing errors
  • Custom sizes available

Key Benefits

Decrease possibility of mistakes during testing

Increased repeatability with robotics and automation

The design and the Selector control software ensure that each chart will be placed in the same precise position.

Accommodates both small and large-sized test charts.

The System uses sensors/detectors to automatically return charts to the correct stowed position when no longer in use.


Custom IQLaR API enables automatic camera alignment and lighting controls

RJ45, WiFi (web-based user interface)

Custom software control and manual controls


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