Imatest Benchtop Test Stand

June 19, 2023
March 21, 2024


The Imatest Benchtop Test Stand (BTS) is an easy-to-use, modular platform for image quality testing. The fixture is well-suited for testing endoscopes. 

Quickly test endoscopes and medical devices for sharpness, color accuracy, and more with an optional mount designed for endoscopes.

The base module features a rail system for repeatable test positions. Motorized versions of the BTS allow for automated positioning of cameras, test targets, and light sources. Perform transmissive testing with Imatest lightboxes and light panels (sold separately), or perform reflective testing using the optional Magnetic Chart Mounting System. 

We also offer a stray light (flare) and long-range testing version.

Optional Add Ons

Add an optional Magnetic Chart Mounting System for reflective targets or the Endoscope Module to your BTS.

  • The Magnetic Chart Mounting System allows you to easily mount reflective targets. Compatible with every BTS configuration.

  • The Endoscope Module add-on kit is designed for rigid endoscope testing. It includes the manual mounting stage, two carriages, tip/tile stage, 30º and 70º angled mounting plate, and V-clamp.


BTS Details

  • Includes a recirculating ball bearing carriage which provides high load and lifetime.
  • Includes digital readout encoder for accurate and easy measurement of distances with a resolution of 0.01mm.
  • Compact design easily fits on a standard workbench or table.
  • Two options for Z-stage length:
    • 1000mm with Footprint: 1.37M x 0.53M (54″ x 21” )
    • 445mm with Footprint: 772mm x 500mm (30.39″ x 19.69″)
  • Multiple configurations and kits can meet general and specific testing requirements.
  • Reflective or transmissive testing – from 1mm to 1 meter test distance
  • Endoscope Module – ready to use medical device fixture

Motorization Additions

  • Automate your test setup to complete analysis of multiple image quality factors across multiple charts and test distances.
  • Easily connect using USB 2.0 or serial communication ports and send commands over RS-232.
  • Zaber’s Console software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the target, change the device settings, and write custom scripts.
  • The linear stage system includes an indexed knob which provides manual control options.
  • Control interface: USB Serial Interface, Zaber Console Control Software, Python 3 – Zaber Motion Library, BasicMicro Motion Studio, Basic Micro Libraries (Python, C++), BasicMicro Drivers (LabView, Arduino)

Benchtop Test Stand Info Sheet

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BTS: 22.7 Kg (50 lbs)     |     BTS-R-KIT: 18.3 Kg (40 lbs)

BTS-E-KIT: 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)     |     BTS-MOTXZ: 34 Kg (75 lbs)


Dimensions vary on configuration used

Width: 528mm manual ILP/ILB, 665mm reflective chart

Length: 1372mm

Height: 692mm reflective chart

Uniform Light Sources for Transmissive Targets:

ILP-A     |     ILP-B     |     ILB-B

Visible Spectra: 3100K     |     4100K     |     5100K     |     6500K

NIR Spectra: 850nm     |     940nm

Reflective Targets:

Up to 665 x 500mm (SFRreg 2X)

Translational Travel:

Motorized: Z-axis: 1045mm or 445mm  |   Y-axis: 60mm   |   X-axis: 300mm

Manual:  Z-axis: 1000mm or 445mm      |   Y-axis: 60mm   |   X-axis: 500mm

Maximum Speed (Motorized):


Rotational Travel:

Yaw: ±2.5º   |   Pitch or Tilt: ±2.5º   |    Endoscope:  Yaw: 0º, 30º, 70º 

Microstep Size:

Z-axis: 4.2µm     |     X-axis: 0.50µm

Motorized Accuracy (unidirectional):

Z-axis: 700µm   |     X-axis: 35µm     


Z-axis: 20µm     |     X-axis: 2.5µm    

Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 40 °C

Maximum DUT Weight:

11.34Kg (25lbs)     |     Endoscope Module: 3Kg ( 6.6lbs)

Electrical: Maximum Current Draw

Z-axis:  1800mA     |     X-axis: 1900mA     |     Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC