Stray light, also referred to as flare, is any light that reaches the focal plane via a non-design optical path. It can cause contrast loss (decrease in dynamic range), false features (seeing ghost images), and changes in color; all of which can degrade the quality of the images captured and even interfere with the ability to detect objects in the scene. 

Imatest provides both software and hardware for stray light testing. Our solution includes the following:

  1. Imatest Software (Version 2022.2 or later)
  2. Imatest Stray Light Fixture
  3. Blackout Curtain Fixture to create a dark (black) space

Learn more about the various components for our stray light testing solution below:

For more information on stray light and setting up your stray light test system, visit our stray light documentation. To purchase our stray light solution package, visit our store page.