Imatest Stray Light LED Source

September 10, 2023
January 12, 2024


Visible, collimated light source for characterizing stray light (flare)

The Imatest Stray Light LED Source is specifically designed for characterization and testing of stray light (flare) in cameras. It projects an image of a small point-like source as a collimated beam of light, similar in form to the Sun. When imaged by a camera, the saturated image of the source produces stray light that can be visually inspected and analyzed using Imatest stray light analysis software

This hardware is compatible with the Imatest Benchtop Test Stand.

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Imatest Stray Light LED Source Features

  • Projects an image of a small point-like source as a collimated beam of light
  • Angular diameter similar to the Sun, allowing for detailed characterization of most forms of stray light, including diffraction spikes, ghosting, and veiling glare
  • Designed for low internal reflections (e.g., no halo) by intentionally underfilling the collimating lens with light
  • Adjustable intensity/brightness
  • Large beam diameter to overfill the front of the camera device
  • Compact source and driver size for convenient, benchtop testing



Specifications Details

Visible, 3000K

(See picture of measured spectral irradiance)

Angular Diameter ~0.57°
Divergence Angle  Adjustable collimation with minimum half divergence angle of 0.29°
Beam Diameter ~25 mm (50 mm collimating lens diameter)
Light Intensity

Illuminance: Up to 2000+ lux

Irradiance (380-780nm): Up to 7+ W/m2

Design Testing Distance Up to 1 m
LED Driver Output & Voltage  1.2 A | 8.0 V
Dimensions 163mm x 75mm x 85mm ( L x W x H, including base mounting plate)