Imatest Benchtop Test Stand-Stray Light/Target Projector Version

July 6, 2023
August 3, 2023


The Imatest Benchtop Test Stand Stray Light (Flare) / Target Projector Version (BTS-SLTP) is an easy-to-use test fixture for accurate and repeatable image quality testing. The fixture is purpose-built for stray light (flare) testing and long-range testing in a limited space.

  • Derive objective metrics such as normalized stray light (flare) using images captured with the stray light module.
  • Perform long-range testing in a confined space using the target projector module.

The BTS Stray Light/Target Projector Fixture features a rail system for repeatable test positions. Choose from the manual version (manual Z, X and Y axis) or the motorized Z-stage (1045mm). The fixture requires a motorized Gimbal

Optional Add-ons

Add the Imatest Target Projection Module or add a Stray Light ND Filter Kit. Compatible with both Manual and Motorized versions.

  • Imatest’s Target Projection Module is an add-on to our MTS and BTS Fixtures. This module allows you to easily simulate long test distances in a confined space by mounting the OneStone Target Projector (CM10120 sold separately) securely in alignment with the camera under test.

  • The Stray light ND filter add on kit includes a mounted 2.5 OD 50mm Dia UV-NIR ND Filter with a Blocking Wavelength Range of 190 - 1700nm, and mounting hardware.



BTS-SLTP Details

  • Includes a recirculating ball bearing carriage which provides high load and lifetime.
  • Compact design easily fits on a standard workbench or table. Footprint: 54″ x 21” (1.37M x 0.53M).
  • Multiple configurations and kits can meet general and specific testing requirements.
  • Y-axis height adjustment
  • Use with the OSCM10120 Target Projection Collimator (sold separately) requires the Imatest’s Target Projection Module be selected as an add-on.

Motorized BTS-SLTP-MOTZ Additions

  • Easily connect using USB 2.0 or serial communication ports and send commands over RS-232.
  • Zaber’s Console software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the target, change the device settings, and write custom scripts.
  • The linear stage system includes an indexed knob which provides manual control options.
  • Control interface: USB Serial Interface, Zaber Console Control Software, Python 3 – Zaber Motion Library, BasicMicro Motion Studio, Basic Micro Libraries (Python, C++), BasicMicro Drivers (LabView, Arduino)

This BTS Stray Light (Flare) / Target Projector Module is recommended with the following products (sold separately)




BTS-SLTP-MOTZ: 29.5 Kg (65 lbs)     |     BTS-SLTP: 20.4 Kg (45 lbs)


Dimensions vary on configuration used

Width: 528mm manual ILP/ILB, 665mm reflective chart

Length: 1372mm

Height: 692mm reflective chart

SLTP Translational Travel:

Motorized: Z-axis: 1045mm     |     Y-axis: 60mm     |     X-axis: 50mm

Manual:  Z-axis: 1000mm     |     Y-axis: 60mm     |     X-axis: 50mm

Maximum Speed (Motorized):


Rotational Travel:

Yaw: ±2.5º    |     Pitch or Tilt: ±2.5º   

Microstep Size:

Z-axis: 4.2µm     |     X-axis: 0.50µm

Motorized Accuracy (unidirectional):

Z-axis: 700µm   |     X-axis: 35µm     


Z-axis: 20µm     |     X-axis: 2.5µm    

Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 40 °C

Maximum DUT Weight:

11.34Kg (25lbs)   

Electrical: Maximum Current Draw

Z-axis:  1800mA     |     X-axis: 1900mA     |     Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC