Take the guesswork out of production line testing.


Ensure manufacturing outcomes meet product design requirements.


 Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Automate tests that have been set up in key Imatest Master modules.
  • Enables integration of Imatest tests as software components which can be run on automated test equipment.
  • Safely balance fast manufacturing and product quality by automating a process that has been done in the past by human quality control.
  • Eliminate potentially self-serving results generated by a partner’s in-house testing system.
  • Remove the need for correlation of partner test results by using the same Imatest algorithm and charts throughout all departments.
  • Includes parallel processing capability.


Recent Enhancements:   


Selected Features:

  • Operator Console: Customizable user interface for factory testing and real-time focusing.
  • Pass/Fail Spec: Define the required quality levels for a camera.
  • SFRplus Chart Analysis: Complete map of sharpness non-uniformity.
  • .NET interface for .NET Framework 4.6.2, 6.0 and higher, including C# and VisualBasic example code, and a full fledged automated image acquisition and testing sample application.
  • Python interface for Python 3.9, 3.10, 3.11
  • Flatfield Test: Detect blemishes on the sensor and defective pixels, measure color and illumination non-uniformity.
  • Calibrate Signal Processing: Use the results of color and illumination uniformity tests on each module to correct for each camera’s uniqueness.
  • Offers comprehensive testing with only 3 Test Images: Maximize efficiency by completing camera QA tests with SFRplus, light flatfield and dark flatfield.



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Node-locked Subscription License: $3,890.00

Floating Subscription License:       $6,220.00

Annual Subscription. Quantity discounts are available.

Perpetual Licenses are also available.  Floating Licenses are offered across all Imatest software versions. Upgrades are available for existing licenses. Please fill out this form or contact us for a quote.