Take the guesswork out of production line testing.


Ensure manufacturing outcomes meet product design requirements.


 Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Automate tests that have been set up in key Imatest Master modules.
  • Enables integration of Imatest tests as software components which can be run on automated test equipment.
  • Safely balance fast manufacturing and product quality by automating a process that has been done in the past by human quality control.
  • Eliminate potentially self-serving results generated by a partner’s in-house testing system.
  • Remove the need for correlation of partner test results by using the same Imatest algorithm and charts throughout all departments.
  • Includes parallel processing capability.


Recent Enhancements:   


Selected Features:

  • Operator Console: Customizable user interface for factory testing and real-time focusing.
  • Pass/Fail Spec: Define the required quality levels for a camera.
  • SFRplus Chart Analysis: Complete map of sharpness non-uniformity.
  • .NET interface for .NET Framework 4.5 and higher, including C# and VisualBasic example code, and a full fledged automated image acquisition and testing sample application.
  • Python interface for Python 2.7 and higher
  • Even Field Test: Detect blemishes on the sensor and defective pixels, measure color and illumination non-uniformity.
  • Calibrate Signal Processing: Use the results of color and illumination uniformity tests on each module to correct for each camera’s uniqueness.
  • Use Only 3 Test Images: Maximize efficiency by completing camera QA tests with SFRplus, light even field and dark even field.



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Floating License: $8,480.00

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