EMVA 1288 — Machine Vision Test Standard

Standard: EMVA 1288 — Standard for Measurement and Presentation of Specifications for Machine Vision Sensors and Cameras.
Technical Committee: European Machine Vision Association
Published: 2016-12-30


Imatest does not yet fully support this standard but is interested in implementing it in a future release. Please contact us to let us know if this is important to you.

Related Measurements Currently Available

Metric Imatest Module Description
Raw sensor Dynamic Range MultichartsMultitest Fits raw data to an equation from the EMVA 1288 standard, then extrapolates to find DR. The test chart does not have to have as large a tonal range as the DR, but transmissive charts with tonal range ≥ 3 are recommended.
Hot & Dark Pixels Uniformity & Blemish detect defective pixel clusters
Photo Response Nonuniformity (PRNU) Uniformity & Blemish map uniform light field uniformity