Pixel Technology Types

Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)

Most consumer imaging sensors and compact camera modules use CMOS sensor technology.

Charged Couple Device (CCD)


By concentrating the light onto the active area of a pixel, these tiny optics help to improve the fill factor and quantum efficiency of the sensor. These can also affect color and spatial uniformity of illumination.

Color Filter Arrays

Bayer Sensors  (RGGB)

Most color consumer image sensors include this format of image sensor

Monochrome Sensor

This is the lack of a color filter array.

Red Clear Clear Clear (RCCC)

This automotive sensor maximizes light sensitivity while enabling a red channel that allows

Red Clear Clear Blue (RCCB)

This automotive sensor improved sensitivity. Imatest’s green channel can be interpreted as the clear channel, which can also be interpreted as the Luminance channel. Color balance with a color correction matrix can compensate for the lack of green filtered pixels which allows an ordinary RGB image to be obtained.

Foveon X3

This “stacked” sensor technology combines the pixels for different colors into a single location which prevents color moiré artifacts. [ ref: wikipedia ]

Red Green Blue White (RGBW)

Anti-aliasing Filter

This layer of the sensor helps to reduce color moiré by spreading high-frequency energy across multiple pixels. 

Infrared Filter

Silicone has a response up to 1100nm of light, but the human visual system cuts of at 


Relevant Imatest Modules

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