Imatest can help you configure an image quality test lab with superior equipment and software. As experts in the field, we know how to create a customized lab that achieves your required testing objectives. Our lab setup equipment includes a modular test stand, collimators, test charts, lighting sources, motion generators, and robotic automation.


Test Stands

Modular Test StandImatest Modular Test Stand

The Imatest Modular Test Stand (MTS) enables you to produce superior cameras while significantly reducing time spent in the lab. The MTS is an easy-to-use platform that facilitates precise setup and repeatable camera positioning for consistent imaging tests. And it’s configurable so it accommodates your camera system.

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MTS Reflective Module

MTS Reflective Module imageThe Imatest Reflective Module is an add-on to the Imatest Modular Test Stand. This easy-to-use Module is designed to work with the Kino Flo LED Freestyle 31 lights and reflective charts. High-quality hardware allows you to effortlessly position lights, while angle and position markers help record light bank locations for future testing.

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Imatest MTS Wide Field of View Module

MTS Reflective Module imageThe WFOV Module is an add-on to Imatest’s Modular Test Stand and provides an easy-to use-platform for sharpness testing of wide FOV camera systems up to 200º. The fixture integrates with the Kino Flo LED Freestyle 31 lights.

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Lighting Sources

Glare-free illumination is essential for achieving accurate, repeatable measurements, and our lab assembly guide provides placement instructions. Imatest lighting systems involve two categories of innovative equipment solutions: reflective and uniform.kinoflo-freestyle

Reflective Lighting Equipment

Glare-free illumination is essential for achieving accurate, repeatable measurements. And reflective Lighting is a key capability offered by Imatest. See test charts for further details.

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Uniform Lighting EquipmentImatest LED Lightbox

Uniformity measurements indicate the tendency of an imaging system to become darker from the center of an image. This is due to the radial nature of the lens that collects more light in the center, which can be particularly strong with wide angle lenses. Testing for uniformity requires a flat-field test or uniform light source.

Imatest offers three uniform lighting equipment options:

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Test ChartsImage Quality Test Charts

Imatest test charts are designed to present a wide array of spatial, tonal, and color features for image quality analysis. Our predistorted test charts help compensate for fish-eye distortion; all charts are produced on a variety of substrates including reflective and transmissive materials. View the Understanding Test Charts webinar for further details.

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CollimatorsImatest Collimator Fixture

The Imatest Collimator Fixture is the first commercially available desktop machine that allows long-range testing in space-restricted environments. Each Collimator Fixture includes a validation procedure that ensures a minimal work-distance error and an onboard computer that displays and saves camera positions, lens and light panel configurations, and simulated distances.

Other Imatest Collimator products include:

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Motion Generators

Image stabilization compensates for camera motion that prevents hand tremors and vibrations from degrading image sharpness and resolution. Additional Imatest stabilization options include:

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Imatest Robotic AutomationAutomatic Test Chart System thumbnail

Robotic Automation allows you to test multiple scenes with one device as well as implement feedback control loops for lighting adjustments. Dynamic camera alignment and tunable distance parameters increase testing repeatability and decrease errors.

Imatest offers several Robotic Automation options:

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