Comprehensive image quality testing.

Test everything from sharpness and distortion to color and illumination with Imatest Master.


Version 23.1

  • Improved Settings & GUI Updates: Search for settings, navigate to different module settings, and save settings; store image metadata in the Imatest database; EXIF data viewing, minimap improvements, and faster load time in image preview.
  • Slanted Edge Based Measurements: Available for Information Capacity, SNRi*, Noise Power Spectrum, and Noise Equivalent Quanta. New metrics make slanted edge camera testing significantly more comprehensive and powerful.
  • Arbitrary Charts Support: Upload a checkerboard image into charts utility to automatically apply parameters to the chart and realign ROIs; upload a video for analysis to create a JSON video analysis file with Auto Exposure, VCX information.
  • Stray Light: Including ability to normalize by a user-provided value and to have separate masking settings for the reference image, larger summary plots, updates to nomenclature, and more.
  • Flatfield: Addition of EMVA1288 row/column noise calculations.
  • Gamutvision: Helps explore the behavior of ICC profiles to visualize gamut mapping and changes in color and tone when images are moved between different devices.
  • Improved SFRreg detection: Now uses an artificial intelligence model for all targets with registration mark detection.
  • Other Features: Including Tour Mode, improvement of default settings, split plot improvement to include exposure-matched reference value in Color/Tone, Offline Floating License Server, and improved command line interface.

Version 22.2

Version 22.1

Version 2021.2

Version 2021.1

Version 2020.2

Version 2020.1

R&D Solutions:  

  • Analyze over 30 popular test charts with different features for color, tone, sharpness, noise and many other image quality factors.
  • Faster, more efficient and more reliable than creating in-house software.
  • Direct image acquisition cuts out several steps in the image quality testing process.
  • Continuous reload and analysis enables real-time viewing of parameter adjustments on various aspects of system performance.
  • Test for a variety of image quality factors at once using SFRplus or eSFR ISO, and reduce the amount of time spent switching between charts

Supported Direct Image Acquisition Interfaces

  • Sensor evaluation boards: ON Semiconductor, Omnivision, Sony & More
  • General interfaces: DirectShow, USB Webcams, GigE Vision, GenICam & More
  • Frame grabbers
  • Proprietary Camera Interfaces

Featured Modules:

  • SFRplus: Assess many image quality factors using one specially designed test chart.
  • eSFR ISO: Assess many image quality factors from enhanced versions of the ISO 12233:2014 test chart.
  • SFR: Inspect any slanted edge feature.
  • Multicharts: Analyze color, tone, and noise from a wide variety of test charts.
  • Rescharts: Evaluates several resolution test charts.
  • Dot Pattern: Measure distortion and lateral chromatic aberration using a dot chart. The calculation is CPIQ-compliant.
  • Even Field Test: Detect blemishes and defective pixels on the sensor and measures color and illumination uniformity.


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