Comprehensive image quality testing.

Test everything from sharpness and distortion to color and illumination with Imatest Master.


2020.1 Features and Enhancements:

  • Lighting Control — Set up and control DMX lights (Kino Flo) and Lightboxes, and monitor lighting conditions with an Isolight puck. The feature lets you manage the brightness and color temperature of individual lights and save your settings to scenes that allow you to perform rapid switching between light configurations.
  • Shannon Information Capacity — Measure the Shannon information capacity of imaging systems in units of bits per pixel from sinusoidal Siemens star patterns. Because frequency-dependent signal and noise are measured from the same locations on the star, they are subject to identical image processing unlike slanted-edge MTF and flat patch-based noise measurements.
  • New CCM Linearization Option — Calculate the linearization parameters from the grayscale patches on the target. Results are more accurate than previous methods. (The previous Color Correction Matrix [CCM] calculation, derived from images of color charts [including grayscales], generally required knowledge of the gamma [Opto-Electric Conversion Function] curve of the image for proper linearization.)
  • MATLAB Compilier Runtime Library — Add Mac OS Catalina Support, decrease build size.
  • Read Raw Module Updates:
    • Decompanding JSONs now accept a simpler “kneepoint form” definition.
    • 14-bit MIPI unpacking now available.
    • 32-bit image data can now be written out.
  • Software Analytics — This helps us understand the usage patterns of license holders. When you opt in to share usage data with us, we can learn which areas of the software are used most often, which will help us improve our support and offer new licensing options.

5.2 Features and Enhancements:

5.1 New Features and Enhancements:

  • MTF Compensation: MTF Compensation reduces the impact of the chart on measured imaging system MTF.
  • Geometric Calibration: Imatest produces a geometric calibration from a projective camera model and images of checkerboard patterns.
  • Sony Image Acquisition: Direct image acquisition from Sony sensor development boards through Sony’s software tool.
  • Image Processing: Synthetic raw creation/Remosaic: Generate interactive reports to efficiently analyze data outputs.
  • Improved distortion calculation: Checkerboard and SFRplus modules support an enhanced set of distortion models, and provide faster and more accurate distortion coefficient and center of distortion estimations.
  • Temporal noise from multiple files now available in Multicharts and Multitest: Now compliant with ISO 15739‘s temporal noise measurement.

R&D Solutions:  

  • Analyze over 30 popular test charts with different features for color, tone, sharpness, noise and many other image quality factors.
  • Faster, more efficient and more reliable than creating in-house software.
  • Direct image acquisition cuts out several steps in the image quality testing process.
  • Continuous reload and analysis enables real-time viewing of parameter adjustments on various aspects of system performance.
  • Test for a variety of image quality factors at once using SFRplus or eSFR ISO, and reduce the amount of time spent switching between charts

Featured Modules:

  • SFRplus: Assess many image quality factors using one specially designed test chart.
  • eSFR ISO: Assess many image quality factors from enhanced versions of the ISO 12233:2014 test chart.
  • SFR: Inspect any slanted edge feature.
  • Multicharts: Analyze color, tone, and noise from a wide variety of test charts.
  • Rescharts: Evaluates several resolution test charts.
  • Dot Pattern: Measure distortion and lateral chromatic aberration using a dot chart. The calculation is CPIQ-compliant.
  • Even Field Test: Detect blemishes and defective pixels on the sensor and measures color and illumination uniformity.

Sensor Evaluation Boards

  • OnSemi
  • Omnivision
  • Toshiba
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Graphin EasyLab

Capture Interfaces

  • Android
  • DirectShow
  • QuickTime
  • Analog
  • Camera Link
  • GigE Vision
  • DCAM IEEE 1394b
  • Blackmagic Design



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