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Learn the basics of image quality testing and how to properly leverage Imatest software to its full potential.

How our training programs work:

  • Access our recorded two-day training courses for three weeks. Additional weeks available.
  • Discover the many factors that contribute to image quality and how to use Imatest to measure each factor.
  • Learn how to select test charts that are appropriate for the type of image quality factor that you’re testing.


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A Guide to Image Quality Factors

Documentation on all Imatest Modules

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What students will learn:

  • Measuring key image quality factors using Imatest.
  • Understanding and interpreting Imatest output.
  • Avoiding common mistakes in applying Imatest.
  • An overview of how to set up and tailor your test lab for accurate measurements.
  • Selecting appropriate test charts.
  • Configuring options to achieve particular testing objectives.
  • Assessing overall image quality.
  • Automating tests for manufacturing quality control.
  • Balancing the trade-off between yield and end-user satisfaction.


Training Content:

  • English $1,000
  • English with Mandarin Translation $700

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Contact training@imatest.com for pricing on customized in-house training.


Other Recommended Reading

We recommend that you have some knowledge of the basic concepts of photography and optics (focal length, aperture, exposure, etc.) before reviewing the Imatest Training.

Cambridge in Colour’s: Learn Photography Basics course is an excellent concise introduction to the key background material.


If you have the time, we recommend Marc Levoy’s Digital Photography courseavailable on YouTube.


To focus your learning from Marc Levoy’s course, we have outlined the most relevant lectures to what you will learn in the Imatest training course:


We also recommend that you review our Image Quality Factors series for a background in the key factors that determine image quality.



Topics Covered

Review our recorded training course to learn how to use Imatest software to test key image quality factors and benefit your company’s IQ test processes.

Part 1: Introduction and imaging Concepts
  • Company background
  • Raw files & raw conversion
  • Gamma, color spaces
  • Sharpness and noise introduction
Part 2: Image Quality Factors & Test Lab
  • Image quality factors
  • Common operations: File & region selection
  • Test Lab Construction
  • Settings stored in imatest.ini, used for controlling IT
  • Summary of modules
Part 3: SFRplus and Settings Overview
  • SFRplus demo
  • module summary
Part 4: Tonal Response and Color
  •  Stepchart
  • Flare / Veiling glare
  • Dynamic range post-processor
  • Contrast Resolution
  • Colorcheck – measure 24-patch X-Rite Colorchecker
  • Multicharts – measures several standard color charts
Part 5: Distortion and Nonuniformity
  • Distortion
  • Light falloff and color nonuniformity measurement with Uniformity and Uniformity-Interactive
  • Blemish Detect

Part 6: Detailed Sharpness measurements
  • SFR (Slanted-edge Spatial Frequency Response)
  • Batchview
  • MTF Compare Transfer functions & deconvolution
  • Sharpening – Introduction and Standardized sharpening
  • Slanted-edge algorithm – ISO-12233 and enhancements
  • SQF – Subjective Quality Factor (Acutance)
Part 7: Rescharts – Interface for interactive sharpness measurements
  • SFR & SFRplus
  • Star Chart (Siemens Star)
  • Log Frequency
  • Log F-Contrast
  • Wedge
  • Random – Dead leaves / Spilled coins (scale-invariant)
  • Any scene sharpness
Part 8: Imatest 5.0 & 5.1 New Features
  • Arbitrary charts
  • Database for storage of capture conditions
  • Test Manager
Part 9: Imatest IT (Industrial Testing)
  • EXE and DLL interfaces
  • Performance enhancement
  • Manufacturing test setup – preventing darkness and saturation
  • Pass/fail configuration
  • Parsing of outputs using JSON