Image stabilization compensates for the motion of camera to prevent hand tremors and vibrations from degrading image sharpness and resolution.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) uses physical servos on the lens and/or sensor to tilt the components to cancel the detected shake of the device. For still images, this can enable longer exposures that can decrease noise in exchange for increasing motion blur on any objects in the scene that are in motion.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) rescales and crops the video stream in order to attempt to cancel out the hand tremor. 

Shake Generation Hardware

In R&D the Image Quality Labs Hand Tremor Simulator (HTS) includes the ability to shake a device with a variety of waveforms to see how well the image stabilization system performs.

In manufacturing it is ideal to verify the OIS system is functioning properly.  The isMedia OIS Tester IM-08QC3 is designed to perform this task.


The Imatest SFRplus test charts and analysis module can withstand a significant amount of shaking while maintaining proper functioning of the automatic region detection.

You can use the Image Stabilization/Sharpness Compare module to determine how much shake is canceled from a set of images acquired with and without the shaker and IS systems enabled.