Basic Information

Test exposure and timing of cameras using 8 rows of scrolling LEDs along with roll-over counters.

Each row can be independently configured for faster testing of multiple exposure times without having to adjust settings.

Test rolling shutter and the effects of moving objects using a computer controlled stage with precise linear movements.

Simulate scene motion. This add-on module to the Imatest Modular Test Stand allows you to test motion blur.

Programmable motorized chart mounting and calibration system. Extract intrinsic and extrinsic camera constraints for 3D calibration.

Allows for horizontal and vertical translation as well as 30 degrees of pitch and 45 degrees of yaw movement.

6-axis hybrid hexapod

Precise controls for frequency and amplitude of tremor (vibration).

Tests and evaluates image stabilization (IS).

Configurable with custom waveforms.


 8 Independently configurable rows (100 LEDs/row)

Buzzer chirp feature

Time-Period Range: 
100ns (10MHz) – 9999ms (0.1Hz)

Accuracy: 5μs 

  • Travel: 1150mm
  • Microstep Size (Default Resolution): 7.03125 µm
  • Accuracy (unidirectional): 1,037.5 µm
  • Repeatability: < 20 µm
  • Backlash: < 250 µm
  • Maximum Speed: 3000 mm/s
  • Encoder Resolution: 400 CPR
  • Peak Thrust: 90 N
  • Maximum Torque: 180 N⋅cm
  • Maximum Centered Load: 500 N
  • Maximum Cantilever Load: 5 N⋅m
  • Maximum Current Draw: 3500 mA
  • Max DUT weight: 1 kg
  • Max frequency: 10Hz
  • Max DUT size: 300x 300x20mm (11.8×11.8x.8″) LxWxH
  • 6 Degrees of freedom
  • Max DUT weight: 5 kg
  • Travel range:
    • X/Y: ± 30mm
    • Z: ± 7.5mm 
    • θX/Y: ± 10° 
    • θZ: ± 360° 


  • Slider Dimensions:
    • 1489.7mm x 134mm x 76mm
  • MTS-2m Dimensions (w/ slider):
    • 1489.7mm x 2395mm x 2020mm
  • 440x470x540mm (17.3×18.5×21.3”)
  • Coming Soon

Control Interface

 USB Configuration & Control via Windows GUI application or serial commands

Trigger input to start
Trigger output on start

USB Serial Interface Zaber Console Control Software Python 3 – Zaber Motion Library

Controlled by custom Windows user interface

Controlled by custom Windows user interface