Imatest IT/IT-P

Imatest IT Test Items & Modules

The Test Items below are oriented towards manufacturing and quality control.

The Imatest Module list shows each relevant output. “X” indicates optimal support for the test item and “/” indicates sub-optimal support.

  Sharpness Modules
Test Item SFRplus eSFR ISO SFR SFRreg Random Log-f Contrast Wedge Star
Sharpness (MTF) X X X X X X X X
Limiting Resolution   X         X  
Lateral Chromatic Aberration X X X X        
Distortion X  /            
Field of View X X            
Tilt X X            
Rotation X            
Uniformity /              
Tonal Response X X       /   /
Dynamic Range   /            
Noise / X /          
Color Accuracy X X            
Texture   X X   X X   X


  Flat-Field Modules Color/Tone Modules Geometry Modules
Test Item Blemish Uniformity Stepchart Multitest Colorcheck Distortion Dot Pattern
Lateral Chromatic Aberration             X
Distortion           X X
Blemishes X X          
Defect Pixels X X          
Uniformity   X          
Tonal Response     X X X    
Dynamic Range     X X X    
Noise X X X X      
Dark Noise X X          
Color Accuracy   X   X X    
Texture X