Imatest Motorized Gimbal

August 26, 2022
August 30, 2022


The Imatest Motorized Gimbal allows for automated rotational positioning of your camera. The Motorized Gimbal includes 2 axes of automated rotational positioning and one axis of manual rotational positioning. Users can create automated test plans with many camera “poses”.

The Motorized Gimbal is available in two configurations:

  • for Stray Light Testing or
  • for use with a Target Projector


The motorized gimbal consists of two Zaber X-RSW rotational stages, and an Edmund Optics Goniometer. It can be mounted to the Imatest Modular Test Stand, Motorized Test Stand, Standard tripods, or metric optical breadboards. The Motorized Gimbal can be assembled in two separate configurations:

  • Stray Light Configuration: Ry+Rz+Manual Rx (Goniometer). Comes with a shortened camera plate.
  • Target Projector Configuration: Ry+Rx+Manual Rz (Goniometer). Includes an extended camera plate.


  • Easily connect using USB 2.0 or serial communication ports and send commands over RS-232
  •  Zaber’s Console software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the target, change the device settings, and write custom scripts.
  • The rotational stages include indexed knobs which provide manual control even without a computer.
  • Rotational Travel (Stray Light Configuration): Rx = ±10º, Ry = 360º, Rz = 360º
  • Rotational Travel (Target Projector Configuration): Rx = 360º, Ry = 360º, Rz = ±10º
  • Maximum Speed: 450º/s
  • Control Interface: USB Serial Interface, Zaber Console Control Software, Python 3 – Zaber Motion Library, C++ Zaber Motion Library

Imatest Motorized Gimbal Specifications


4.7 Kg  (10.36 lbs)


266.3 mm x  91.3 mm x  370.7 mm

Rotational Travel (Stray Light Configuration):

Rx: ±10º     |     Ry: 360º     |     Rz: 360º

Rotational Travel (Target Projector Configuration):

Rx: 360º     |     Ry: 360º     |     Rz: ±10º

Maximum Field of View:

VFOV: 158º     |     HFOV: >180º

Microstep Size (Default Resolution): 


Accuracy (unidirectional):






Maximum Speed:


Peak Thrust:

105 N⋅cm

Operating Temperature Range:

0 to 50 °C

Maximum DUT Weigh:

2.5Kg (5.5lbs)


Voltage: 100-240 V AC input     |     Maximum Current Draw: 1.9 A