Imatest MTS Reflective Module

December 26, 2019
March 21, 2024


The Imatest MTS Reflective Module integrates with our Modular Test Stand Base Module and one or both of the following lights:

This fixture provides the basic setup for a test lab to perform image quality tests with reflective lighting.

  • Easily and reliably illuminate reflective test charts for efficient testing and robust measurements.
  • High-quality hardware allows you to effortlessly position the LED lights
  • Angle and position markers help you record light bank locations for future testing

The Base Module, Target, KinoFlo or Metaphase Lights are sold separately from the Reflective Module. Lead time approximately 10 -12 weeks. See MTS Reflective Module info sheet.

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  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Total shipped weight with crate: 92 kg
  • Width when fully extended: 3100mm 
  • Travel distance of lights 1000mm (minimum distance from chart = 250mm, max distance from chart = 1250mm)
  • Physical indicators to mark positions
  • Angle indicators to determine incident light angles.
  • Easy and dampened (for safety) height adjustment
  • Works with Kinoflo Freestyle 31s or Metaphase 850nm or 940nm IR ExoLight v2.0 lights, or select the DUAL fixture to incorporate both lighting options onto one test stand.
  • Optional Isolight Puck works directly within Imatest as a Light Meter to help ensure uniformity of illumination for the most accurate result.