Imatest Modular Test Stand Base

June 20, 2019
January 23, 2024


The Imatest Modular Test Stand is an easy-to-use platform for image quality testing that is purpose-built for a professional lab setting. The 2-meter fixture is now available with an optional motorized Z-stage upgrade.

Add an Imatest Light Panel or the Reflective Lighting Module with Kino Flo LED Lights for a system that needs only a target and your camera.

Or add our Wide Field of View Module to enable fast and efficient testing of WFOV systems.

Approximate lead time: 10 – 12 Weeks.

See MTS info sheet and Motorized Test Stand Info Sheet.

Optional Add Ons

Add an optional Magnetic Chart Mounting System to your MTS.

  • The Magnetic Chart Mounting System allows you to easily mount reflective targets. Compatible with every MTS configuration.

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The Imatest Modular Test Stand (MTS) Base Module is easily adjustable and features a rail system for easy positioning, a tripod head or gimbal head for mounting of device, and a chart holder that accommodates a variety of charts. The Modular Test Stand facilitates precise setup and repeatability in your test lab. (Light source and test charts sold separately.)

  • Enable tilt and rotation measurements by controlling the alignment between the camera and chart.
  • Includes Bosch BLAZE™ GLM 42 135 Ft. Laser Measurer. This rangefinder is accurate to ±1.59mm (1/16″).
  • The standard 2 Meter rail is now available with an optional Motorized Z-stage to automate the Camera Post positioning.
  • Reduce the time spent setting up your test environment.
  • Configure the test stand to your camera system.
  • Integrate reflective lighting and wide-FoV targets customizations are available upon request.

Rail System

  • Rail length – 2m (78.74″), 3.5m (137.79″)
  • Camera mounts – Promaster Gimbal mount or Manfrotto 410 head. Both options include a plate with a 1/4″-20 screw for mounting cameras
  • Integrated Tape Measure for quick reference of camera position relative to the chart
  • Laser range finder for accurate positioning
  • Camera post is dampened for easy adjustment of camera height
  • X-axis adjustable (120mm; “4.72”) Manfrotto 454 micrometric positioning sliding plate
  • Drag chain and clips for cable management
  • Optional: Motorized add-on for the 2M rail allows users to automate positioning of the Camera Post. Create automated test plans with many camera-to-chart test distances. Perform live depth of field tests using a computer controlled stage with precise linear movements. Existing manual Modular Test Stands can be retrofitted with this motorized add-on.

Chart Holder

  • Adjustable chart height
  • Compatible reflective charts sizes – Min: 21.58cm x 27.94cm (8.50″ x 11″); ColorChecker, Max: 110cm x 144cm (43.31″ x 56.69″)
  • Light panel sizes – C through G. A and B available with adaptor (contact for details)


  • Weight: Default Option (2m Rail): ~225 lbs (102 kg). Motorized Z stage (2m Rail) ~240 lbs (109 kg).
  • Overall dimensions: Default Option (2m Rail): 2083mm long x 1000mm wide x 2020mm high (82″ long x 39.37″ wide x 79.53 high)
  • Camera Tilt:
    • Tripod Head: Pitch: -30° / +90°, Roll:  -90° / +30°
    • Gimbal: Pitch: 360°, Roll: 0°
  • Camera Rotation:
    • Tripod Head: 360°
    • Gimbal Head: 300°
  • X-axis adjustment: 120 mm (4.72″)
  • Reflective chart size range: Min: 21.58cm x 27.94cm (8.50″ x 11″), Max: 110cm x 144cm (43.31″ x 56.69″)
  • Transmissive chart size range: Imatest LED Light Panel C through G
  • Rail length options: 2m (78.74″), 3.5m (137.79″)
  • Material: anodized 6105-T5 Aluminum
  • Gimbal Head: Max Load – 26 lb / 12 kg
  • Tripod Head: Max Load – 11 lbs / 5 kg

Custom options include:

  • Motorized Z-stage
  • Custom camera mount
  • Custom rail length
  • Lighting integration (6 Week Lead Time)

Add-on Modules for the Modular Test Stand Base:

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