OSCM10120 10° Collimator

May 14, 2021
August 30, 2023


The OSCM10120 Collimator projects a target at a simulated distance, which allows for long distance testing in a confined space. The simulated distance can be manually adjusted with the diopter barrel. This collimator comes with a high resolution, black and white LVT film Reg target reticle and projects a 10º inspectable FOV.

A complete CM10120 system requires an LED controller (available with 5, 8, or 13 channels). 



The OSCM10120 system allows users to simulate a test distance from 1m – infinity, which is useful for testing camera systems with long focus distances in limited lab space or production line space. The simulated distance (i.e. object distance) is manually adjustable across the entire range. 

The CM10120 is not intended to fill the camera FOV for most camera systems. The target projected by the CM10120 can be used for testing a given region of the camera FOV, making it useful for tasks such as setting focus or checking for pass/fail criteria.

Multiple units can be configured to project multiple targets into a camera if simultaneous multi-region testing is required.

Target: Black and white LVT Film ø60mm Reg Target 

Lighting Options:

  • 6000K LED
  • NIR 850nm
  • NIR 940nm

Controller Options:

  • 5-Channel
  • 8-Channel
  • 13-Channel

Controller Features:

  • Manual adjustment of light levels
  • Independent channel control
  • Each channel can drive a single CM10120 unit
  • Works for both VIS and NIR configurations


View pdf Spec Sheet.

OSCM10120 Specifications:

  • Collimator Weight: 0.87kg
  • Overall dimensions: 376.5mm x 77.4mm (L x diameter)
  • Inspectable FOV: 10º
  • Effective focal length: 323.9mm
  • Exit pupil size: ø4.5mm
  • VIS LED color temperature: 6000K ± 500K
  • NIR LED wavelengths: 850nm or 940nm
  • Target reticle diameter: 60.2mm
  • Shipping weight : 2.08kg( Net Weight : 1.08kg)
  • HTS code: 9002.19-9000

Controller Specifications:

  • Lead Time: 1 week if in stock, 4-5 weeks if no stock
  • Overall dimensions: 200mm X 170mm X 340mm (w x h x l)
  • Input Voltage: AC110~220V(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Shipping dimensions : 47cm*35cn*34cm
  • HTS code: 9002.19-9000 
       Weight           Net Weight          Shipping Weight     
     5-Channel           4.55kg           5.55kg     
     8-Channel           5.95kg           7.1kg     
     13-Channel           6.42kg           7.42kg