2023 Imatest Year in Review

December 20, 2023
January 22, 2024

This year has been a milestone for Imatest. We’ve introduced an array of innovative products, software, and services, thanks to the unwavering support of our customers. We’re immensely grateful for this collaboration and eagerly anticipate bringing even more advancements in the coming year.

Imatest Benchtop Test Stand

Manual BTS with Magnetic Chart Mount and Endoscope Module

Motorized BTS with Lightbox and Endoscope Module

Motorized BTS with Gimbal and Stray Light Source

Motorized BTS with Gimbal and Target Projector Module

New Slanted Edge Based Measurements

  • Information Capacity
  • Ideal Observer Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNRi)
  • Noise Power Spectrum (NPS)
  • Noise Equivalent Quanta (NEQ)

Stray Light

  • Added ability to normalize by a user-provided value.
  • Added ability to have separate masking settings for the reference image.
  • Output pixel count above a threshold.
  • Switches to median aggregation in reference image normalization.
  • Added ability to directly use the image processing mask method.
  • Added ability to set the threshold in image processing masking via Otsu’s method.
  • Added a minimum source threshold to the image processing method.
  • Added other compensation factors for normalization via a reference image.
  • Larger summary plots, updates to nomenclature.

Improved Settings & GUI Updates

  • Improved Settings
  • Imatest Database
  • Image Preview Improvements

Arbitrary Charts

  • Auto Exposure measurement compliant with VCX Webcam 2023
  • Distortion parameter

Flatfield/EMVA 1288

  • Adds calculations for row, column, and pixel noise spatial variances to Flatfield interactive and fixed modules based on EMVA 1288 Version 4.0 Linear

Improved SFRreg Detection

Tour Mode

eSFR ISO 12233 2023 “Slanted Star”

Additional linearization options for eSFR ISO & SFRplus

Dynamic Range Postprocessor

  • Produces results similar to IEEE P2020 (draft) noise standard. Described in A review of IEEE P2020 noise metrics
  • Now supports sensor dynamic range calculations from multi-image exposures from HDR sensors.

MacOS 14 Sonoma Support

Main Window Improvements

Stray Light

  • Customized service that achieves the testing objectives of your organization while working within your budget.
  • Trained consultants will spend time with your team to better understand your needs and create a test plan to meet your project goals.
  • Our detail-oriented engineers will test your equipment using our hardware, charts, and software to analyze images and interpret results—saving you time and resources.
  • Provide consistent, repeatable, and trustworthy results through rigorous testing protocols, allowing you to build a portfolio of reports.

Service Offerings:

  • Sensor evaluation
  • Camera hardware design
  • ISP tuning
  • Benchmarking


Photonics West 2023


Autosens Detroit 2023

New Test Targets

ISO 12233 2023 “Slanted Star” Edge SFR chart

Uniform Reflectance Targets

Chart Mounting

Store Checkerboard Photographic Multi-Size Test Chart

ISO-8600-3:2019 (Method A) – Field of View Target

New Equipment

Imatest Blackout Curtain Fixture

Imatest Stray Light LED Source

Imatest Freestanding Wide Field-of-View Fixture

Imatest Light Stands

Updated Solutions


Long Range Testing

Image Information Metrics

Stray Light

MTS Linear Motion Blur Test Module
Motion Blur

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