ISO 12233 eSFR Charts for Imatest LED Light Sources

October 3, 2019
March 1, 2024


The ISO12233:2017 eSFR Test Charts listed here are Pre-Mounted for use with Imatest LED Light Sources. This chart is designed to work with the eSFR ISO Module. Imatest 

ISO 12233:2017 eSFR Test Charts are implementations of the Low Contrast Edge SFR (eSFR) test chart illustrated in Section 6.1 and Annex C of the ISO Standard DocumentThe chart is available in two general versions:

  • Enhanced: extra squares, wedges, and color patterns when printed with technologies that allow color
  • Extended: similar to Enhanced, but with a 16:9 aspect ratio, suitable for HDTV and cinema (Note: Works with Matlab esfrChart)

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Lead Time: 3 Weeks


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The ISO12233 eSFR Test Chart is available on different materials for Visible Spectrum or Near Infrared (NIR) testing. For the Visible Spectrum choose between: Inkjet, High Precision Color Film, or High Precision Black and White Film. For the Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrum choose between:, Inkjet or High Precision Black and White Film. Patterns printed on High Precision B&W Film will not contain color patches. The aspect ratio is pre-selected to best suit the light source size.

Please scroll through the product images above for a comparison between the Extra Wedges and Standard Test Charts.

Light Source Size Mounted Size

2017 ESFR

Active Area

2023 ESFR

Active Area

Substrate MP Suitability*
253mm x 174mm
(9.96″ x 6.85″)
228mm x 152mm
(8.98″ x 5.98″)

Color High Precision Film
Black and White High Precision Film


318mm x 290mm
(12.52″ x 11.42″)
235mm x 157mm
(9.25″ x 6.18″)

Color High Precision Film
Black and White High Precision Film


456mm x 327mm
(17.95″ x 12.87″)

432mm x 288mm
(17.01″ x 11.34″)

Transmissive Inkjet
Black and White High Precision Film


634mm x 454mm
(24.96″ x 17.87″)
610mm x 407mm
(24.02″ x 16.02″)

Transmissive Inkjet

931mm x 562mm
(36.65″ x 22.13″)
907mm x 510mm
(35.71″ x 20.08″)

907mm x 524mm

(35.71″ x 20.63″)

Transmissive Inkjet

931mm x 702mm
(36.65″ x 27.64″)
907mm x 605mm
(35.71″ x 23.82″)

Transmissive Inkjet

1253mm x 706mm
(49.33″ x 27.79″)
1210mm x 680mm
(47.64″ x 26.77″)

1177mm x 680mm

(46.35″ x 26.77″)

Transmissive Inkjet


* Megapixel Suitability can be approximately doubled through the use of Chart MTF Compensation.  For higher resolution systems, please consider our Chrome on Glass ISO eSFR Targets

Size A & B will be framed with 6mm Black Acrylic. Size C, D, E, F, & G will be directly mounted to 6mm Clear Acrylic.