ISO 12233:2017 Test Charts on Color High-Precision LVT Film

June 9, 2015
September 28, 2023


These charts are produced with a high-precision LVT film recording process for the best possible density range, low noise, and fine detail. We have multiple options available including Small (Half Sheet), Medium (Full Sheet), and Multi-Size (Full Sheet) targets.

Due to the aspect ratio of the film, we offer this version in the Multi-Size format. Our Multi-Size option makes maximal use of the film space to provide a variety of different sized charts.

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The .75x version (Enhanced – Full sheet) is: 150mm x 225mm (5.90″ x 8.86″)

The .66x version (Extended – Full sheet) is: 132mm x 235mm (5.20″ x 9.25″)

Sizes Enhanced – Multi Dimensions Extended – Multi Dimensions

190.5mm × 127mm

(7.5″ × 5″)

196.85mm × 110.74mm

(7.75″ × 4.36″)


114.3mm × 76.2mm

(4.5″ × 3″)

127mm × 71.37mm

(5″ × 2.81″)


76.2mm × 50.8mm

(3″ × 2″)

88.9 mm × 50mm

(3.5″ × 1.97″)


57.15mm × 38.1mm

(2.25″ × 1.5″)

63.75mm × 35.81mm

(2.5″ × 1.41″)


38.1mm × 25.4mm

(1.5″ × 1″)

44.45mm × 24.89mm

(1.75″ × 0.98″)

Several eSFR ISO calculations require knowledge of the image magnification, which is calculated by the Imatest eSFR ISO module when Registration mark vertical spacing (cm) is entered into the appropriate box on the right of the eSFR ISO ‘More settings’ window. (Pixel size or pitch must also be entered.) For eSFR ISO charts the Reg. mark vertical spacing is exactly 0.46 times the vertical chart dimension. For example, for the smallest eSFR Enhanced chart image, which is 38.1mm x 25.4mm (1.5″ x 1″), the Reg. mark vertical spacing is 0.46cm x 2.54cm (0.018″ x 1″) = 1.1684cm (0.07″).

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