Providing third-party objective image quality testing to meet your needs.

As experts in the field of image quality testing, leave the IQ lab work to us. We know that each test lab setup is unique to the needs of your company—contact us today and one of our engineers will get in touch with you about your project.

Imatest can cater your test lab service goals:

  • Our customized service that achieves the testing objectives of your organization while working within your budget.
  • Trained consultants will spend time with your team to better understand your needs and create a test plan to meet your project goals.
  • Our detail-oriented engineers will test your equipment using our hardware, charts, and software to analyze images and interpret results—saving you time and resources.
  • Provide consistent, repeatable, and trustworthy results through rigorous testing protocols, allowing you to build a portfolio of reports.

 Sample Reports

Service Tiers

Bronze Tier

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Testing Scope

Predefined set of metrics

Light customization

Fully customizable


Preliminary Stage

Report/Tuning Review

Thorough Report/Tuning Process

Device Type: Commercial Product, Supported hardware




Device Type: Prototypes and Components





Test images, data, pre-defined report

Test images, data, more detailed report

Test images, data, customized report

Test Lab Setup Projects

We’ve helped dozens of manufacturers achieve their camera testing goals through our third party validation testing.

Service Offerings:

  • Sensor evaluation
  • Camera hardware design
  • ISP tuning
  • Benchmarking

Example Image Quality Metrics we provide:

  • MTF (modulation transfer function)
  • Dynamic Range 
  • Low light performance
  • Temporal noise
  • Motion blur
  • Stray light

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