Imatest LED Lightbox – Multi-channel NIR options

April 15, 2020
April 9, 2024


The Imatest LED Lightbox produces uniform light with excellent spectral characteristics that can be adjusted over a wide range of brightness for illuminating transparency test charts.

  • Two standard sizes
  • Two channels with mixed mode (one VIS & one NIR or two NIR). Visible Light Only options also available.
  • Visible 30 ~ 10,000 lux and NIR 2 ~ 20 W/m2
  • 95% uniformity on Size B and 93% uniformity on Size C in Visible Spectrum. 90% uniformity in NIR.
  • Compatible with the Lighting Control feature (Imatest Version 2020.1), connecting with WiFi or USB.

The uniformity, adjustability, and high color quality make it superior lighting to other LED or fluorescent systems we’ve seen.  Uniform Light Source Comparison 

Email with any questions.

Current lead time is extended due to COVID-19 virus. Approximately 3-4 weeks. This product drop-ships directly from our manufacturing partner in South Korea. 

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 Size  Diffuser Panel Size / External Dimensions Intensity Options   Channels  Illuminant Options  Uniformity

260mm x 220mm (10.24″ x 8.66″)
400mm x 380mm x 150mm (15.7” x 15” x 7.9”)

30 ~ 10,000 lux NIR 2 ~ 20 W/m2

Multi (Dual) Channel with Mixed Mode

(In mixed mode, minimum lux increases to 200.)

Select from: One Visible & one NIR channel: (5100K & 850nm or 5100K & 940nm)


Two NIR Channels: (850nm & 940nm)

95% in Visible Spectrum. 90% in NIR


432mm x 305mm (17″ x 12″)
600mm x 490mm x 150mm (23.6” x 19.3” x 7.9”) 

93% in Visible Spectrum. 90% in NIR


  • Manual
  • USB
  • WiFi


  • 20W
  • 110V
  • 220V

Download PDF Info Sheet

Most Imatest test charts are available in specific sizes to fit the Imatest Lightboxes. The target is mounted on clear acrylic for ease of use with the Lightbox rails. Charts include SFRplus, eSFR-ISO, Checkerboard, Spilled Coins, and ISO 18844 Flare targets. If you are interested in a mounted target for your Imatest Lightbox, email

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